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Mountain Biker seeks advice on first audax bike

Hi, im a mountain biker who has decided to do a bit of road riding, Im after an audax style bike since and was looking at the Ribble Winter Training Audax 7005 Veloce 10 Double or the Ribble Audax with the mirage groupset.
Ive got a few questions though,
-Are ribble bikes any good ?(for the price im paying!)
-What the main difference between the mirage and the veloce groupset (I dont know that much about your roadie group sets !)
-Have you get any other suggestions of possible bikes ? my price range is pretty limited between 650-800 (im a student and my mountain bike is in need of a complete rebuild after stacking it nicely into a tree )
-I was looking at the ribble bikes and was even considering their carbon fibre range, how good are they ?

Many thanks

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