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4iii power meter guzzling batteries

I wonder if anyone has any experience of, or can suggest a solution for, a 4iii non-drive-side crank power meter eating through batteries like there's no tomorrow? I bought this meter secondhand last year and it's been good as gold until the last month or so, now it needs a new battery every time I go out, it lasts fine in use (6 hours being the maximum ride since the problem started) but when I go to use it again the battery's dead or at best lasts half an hour then dies. I'm using Duracell CR2032 batteries and I'm always careful to turn off the head unit (Garmin Edge 800) when the ride is over, and I take out the battery when I'm on Zwift, so I'm at a loss to know how it is using up the battery power (claimed life from one CR2032 battery is 120 hours). I can only guess that it might still be transmitting on Bluetooth to some other device in the house, even if the head unit is off? I'd be very grateful for any advice, it's out of warranty and thus far (after a month) 4iii have not answered my queries.


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