Stage 19 La Vuelta

So a shorter one today, after calling a truce yesterday, Cobo and Froome will be hard at it today again with another sprint just 20km in, Froome will be looking to get it if there is no break, To me, Sky have the power to keep a break from getting away, so why not use it to get a time bonus, either that or send one of the not so great sky riders into the back of Cobo's wheel, send him tumbling and then drill it so he's no chance to get back on  19

If Froome cant improve today, then with the two cat 1's tomorrow he's going to have to thump it up them and hope someone burst's Cobo's tyre

So who's your main man today? I've got 2 in my team, but 1 most likely wont be allowed to get into a break, not that a break will hold onto the end  39

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