Just to make everyone aware that there are some minor changes to Vuelta scores this morning (Monday) from those posted yesterday evening.

That's because the GC appearing on the Vuelta website yesterday evening was revised overnight, meaning a couple of riders who weren't previously in the Top 10 are now, so the points we allocate for places 1-10 on the GC have had to be revised.

Going by last year's experience, this is likely to happen again during the race, so please bear in mind that the scores that are posted in the evening should be treated as provisional and may be subject to subsequent revision, should the Vuelta organisers amend their results.


TERatcliffe26 [4782 posts] 8 years ago

Cheers, i did wounder why cappechi had dropped out of the top 10, seems i lost 5 points, but others must have lost more as i gained places in the standings.

They must have not used the new time bonuses correctly when doing the GC standings