Hey all, this is my first post on your wicked site. Long time lurker, finally signed up

I have a question!!

I read an article last week - sometime in the range of August 1-7. It was a UK source I'm almost sure. What it was about was separated bike lanes being more dangerous and actually being removed on one bridge in the UK which had shown a significant drop in accidents! Its point was that separated cycle lanes make drivers more dangerous and complacent, which isn't a unique point. But it details from a recent study with injury statistics.

It was very interesting, but I read it at work and my browser history was deleted. Wondering if anyone knows what I'm talking about?!?

Thanks so much in advance


Gkam84 [9119 posts] 7 years ago

I dont know if it was on this site, but here is all the archive to search  4http://road.cc/news-archive

Tony Farrelly [2963 posts] 7 years ago

Sounds like an interesting article, and I've had a look through the archive myself (was on hols when you think it was published)… wish we had done it, but we haven't not since the 30th of July anyway.