2019 Specialized Allez Elite. Mudguards

Hi apologies if this has been asked already.I searched but couldn't find any info.
Has anybody successfully fitted full guards to the above,with 25mm tyres.
I bought the bike as it was a replacement for my winter bike, after I was took out by a car.
It was a good price,and quite happy with it,apart from the mudguard dilemma.I had some Flinger guards but they didn't have enough clearance.I also tried some guards a mate had given me,same thing wont fit.I have written too Specialized asking them for recommendations but 3 weeks down the line still no reply.I have FLINGER RACE PRO CLIP MUDGUARDS on now,but really want full guards.There's mudguard eyes on forks and rear,as well as the chainstay bridge.Any body had any joy finding a pair.
The Flinger pro race throws too much crap out of caliper gaps and my bike is always the filthiest on club runs,the good bit is I have to sit on the back all day  3
I don't want to use 23mm tyres either.I don't get why there's mudguard eyes if you cant fit guards,and why they sell it with 25mm tyres if that's the cause.
Any help appreciated.The bike below cheers

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