Bristol Post demonstrates bias (again!)

OK, so the article is at

The headline says


First Bus blames delays on cyclists and traffic as complaints pile up

And you might think, "Is it cyclists using bus lanes? Being inconsiderate?"

However, reading through the article you get to:


James Freeman, the managing director of First West of England said: “We have seen extremely icy weather move in on Monday and Tuesday, followed by thick fog on Wednesday, which unfortunately slowed traffic more than usual all through Bristol during rush hour.

“In addition, we saw a surge people, many of whom we believe were cyclists using buses to avoid those potentially dangerous conditions.

“As a result, buses were getting full quicker, with consequential delays for passengers boarding at stops closer in to the city centre.

So First are actually blaming people for actually using the service they're providing, and the Post is - as usual - putting together any clickbaity headline they can.


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