No mudguards for me... and if you get sprayed, good!

Some of my commute is on an off-road cycle path, and pretty much every other day I get someone wheelsucking off the back of me without even saying hello which is pretty annoying to be honest. I like to go at my own pace without any drafting and dnt want a race!!

Now this path can get pretty muddy and wet, luckily I have access to a hose at work so instead of mudguards I just give my bike a quick clean every morning when i get in. But my other reason for not using them is that it gets rid of the wheelsuckers on the muddy days. One actually tried to have a go at me yesterday and I said 'well you shouldnt have been hanging off the back of my wheel without asking then!' Plus what if i need to brake sharply or something and I dont even know they are there??

So my question is am I perfectly justified in having a little chuckle to myself when one of these leeches gets a face full of mud from my back wheel or am I been rude?!

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