I buy a bike jacket so I have a dilemma between the two models so I would ask if anyone has experience with the same to share their opinion. I need the jacket for temperatures of 5-15 ° C for these cold autumn mornings.
I choose between:

1. Bontrager Velocis S1

2. Endura Pro SL Thermal II


If there is any other suggestion feel free to suggest.

Thanks in advance for your help



henryb [93 posts] 1 week ago

For those temperatures, I'd go for a 'shell' jacket, rather than a thermal jacket. If it feels chilly, then just add a base layer under your cycling top. A shell jacket will have the advantages of being more breathable and being able to be rolled up and put in a jersey pocket if the ride gets warmer or less rainy.

I have the Endura Pro Shell (https://road.cc/content/review/187466-endura-fs260-pro-sl-shell), which is excellent - waterproof, very close-fitting (so, no flapping around in the wind) and very breathable.

Paul7189 [44 posts] 5 days ago

Check out offerings from Galibier. Great prices and all of my deep winter gear is from them!