Having woken up at 5 for my morning ride, i tried to adjust my seat height and, loosening the seatpost clamp bolt, the damn thing sheared off in my hand.  I'm now sitting here, annoyed.  I'm pretty sure that I'm not overtightening them, it seems that they are corroding due to their exposed position on the bike. 

Anyone got any tips?  I guess a higher grade of steel might help - stainless perhaps rather than the monkey metal that some are made of.  And, is this just me?

Probably co-incidence, but my old bike, a Gios with a Campagnolo Italian-style clamp disintegrated on Tuesday.



OldRidgeback [3281 posts] 4 months ago

I'll go with the; 'They don't make things like they used to,' response.

The seat clamp adjust on my mid school (late 90s) GT BMX is a proper heavy duty item and still works just fine. The one my son's 2013 GT BMX is a spindly thing and had to be replaced recently. My (old) one is made of steel and is easier to adjust and undoing it releases the seat without fuss. My son's doesn't really work very well, has a lightweight carbon lever that cuts into your fingers and you still have to struggle to get the seat up and down when it's fully released.

That's progress I suppose. 


Drinfinity [288 posts] 4 months ago
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Copper slip grease, cleaning every now and again.

why did you need to adjust it? Are your legs longer at 5am?

srchar [1701 posts] 4 months ago

Marine grease.

PpPete [64 posts] 4 months ago

I regularly remove saddle & seat post together to fit the bike in the car to go to events.

I've had stripped threads on the original VN aluminium clamp (and I'm not paying out for their ridiculous Ti one), a cracked aluminium collar on the cheapie that replaced it and a sheared bolt on the Hope that I eventually invested in.  WTF Hope gained by machining a custom aluminum bolt I have no clue.  Eventually found a stainless repalcement.   None of above due to corrosion, just simply enthusiastic, but not excessive, tightening.  The Hope bolt gave way when I was using a torque wrench adjusted for brand new carbon seat post !