First post here. I have replaced my Mio Cyclo 315 with a 405 and have realised they both have an idential software fault. I only checked on my 315 when it became apparent the 405 had a problem.

The problem is that the device will record from you turn it on, not from when you press the record button. Sometimes it will add a long period of nothing-ness to the beginning of the recording even though the device wasn't even on.

Mio says no-one else has complained and they have tried to replicate it on two of their devices but can't. They have assigned me an RMA and I will send the 405 in for repair.

I know Mio isn't very popular (too big?) but just wondering if anyone here use Mio Cyclos and have had a similar problem?



morsing [1 post] 1 week ago


I have received a replacement device (they claim the mainboard was replaced) and it has the same fault. I'm quite convinced this is a world wide software fault but as almost no-one use Mio devices and the few that does probably haven't spotted the problem or reported it, it's hard to convince them. I am waiting for a reply.