Desperately trying to get fit after being lazy doing nothing all winter and I've lost 50w on the FTP.

Been thinking of stuff I can do if I have 5 minutes away from the desk at work and wall sits is one of those things? Anyone do them and think they're beneficial?


Simon E [3592 posts] 5 days ago

I would stare out of the window. It's grossly underrated.

  • It will help your eyes have a break (and long term may save you from needing glasses).
  • It will also help your mind take a break from whatever task/topic you've been working on.
  • It will stimulate your imagination and possibly remind you of things that need doing, either work related or at home.
  • It should help you reconnect with the world outside the box in which you're stuck and may also allow you to consider an alternative route home where you can do some intervals (or a productive turbo session when you get there). It's intervals that will raise your FTP, not wall sits.

There may be other benefits I haven't listed.

If you want to do something physical then do plank and/or side plank.

ConcordeCX [985 posts] 5 days ago
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Didn't do Humpty Dumpty much good.

Try burpees and bastardoes. Or skipping.



madcarew [944 posts] 3 days ago

Intervals will help raise your FTP, and other muscle strength building work will help build on that too. I concur that planks and side planks will help, as would the burpees and bastardos. Core and posterior chain is hugely overlooked by non-professional cyclists (generally) and can easily be worked on in 5 min chunks.

Good luck with your goals  1