Cafe stop bike lock suggestions?

Hi All, 

I appreciate I'm asking for the impossible here, but I'm sure many of you have looked for the same thing so I'm interested to see what you found...

I need a small, lightweight but sturdy lock to secure my bike while going for a mid-ride coffee/pee etc. The bike won't be locked up for long so I'm willing to compromise on the security of a D-lock but would like it to stand up to a set of pliers/side cutters/other pocketable tool. I know the right tools will get through any lock but it's the opportunists I'm trying to avoid. 

So what are my requirements? Well, I'd like it to be:

Small and lightweight - I need it to either fit discretely into a jersey pocket/saddle bag or attach unobtrusivley to the bike (I know most locks come with a frame/saddle bracket but I don't want a boat anchor swinging off the frame, or to be mocked by the cycling fashion police...)

Sturdy, as above anything that can resist a pair of pliers/side cutters should do - hopefully nobody is carrying round bolt cutters or an angle grinder...

Coated in plastic or rubber or something so it doesn't damage my frame...

Cheapish - I want to keep my bike safe but anything so small and lightweight is likey to get lost 

Big enough to fit round the average lampost - no point locking the bike if it's not attached to anything!

I know there are several locks out their that seem to fit my criteria - but I don't want to waste my money or risk my bike with something that doesn't work!

I'll also do the usual, keep it in eyesight and next to a nicer bike - shouldn't be too difficult!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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