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Gravel Bike - Canyon Grail or Fairlight Secan?

Hi there,

I see lot's of people recently posting questions about which gravel bike to choose. So I'm coming up with my own dilemma  1

I have basically narrowed down the selection to these two very different models. Specifically:

- Secan with Shimano 105 group set, Hope 20Five 700C wheels and Praxis subcompact chainring

- Grail CF SL 7.0 (also with Shimano 105)

Up to this point I've been always riding on MTB (Grand Canyon recently) but after friend borrowed me his carbon GT Grade for a weekend I think that a gravel bike would suite my needs much better. Most of the time I ride this typical mix of terrain, with few tarmac as well rocky and steep sections. I also specifically like to climb steep hills, on various kinds of terain. Generally I can say that predominantly I use my bike for recreation/sport and I don't mind to venture for all day  rides (with significant elevation gain - which for me means 2000-3000 m). I don't plan to use the bike for any kind of racing, though.

With that in mind I wonder which of the above machines would be better for me? I've read reviews for both bikes on this site (as well as various others) but still it doesn't give me any clues about what are the decisive criteria. "Intuitively" (i.e. given my lack of experience with these kind of bikes) I would say that the Grail should suite me better but then I read the glowing reviews on Secan and also people say they are very satisfied with it.

I have to say that Secan visually appeals to me very much and if it was 500 GBP cheaper than Grail I wouldn't probably hesitate. But with my chosen setup and adding in the delivery cost (I don't live in UK) it's actually the other way around - Secan is 500 GBP more. Is it really so much better? If yes in what areas? Is this relevant to my riding style? I know it's kind of silly question but if anyone can provide some hints it would greatly help me in resolving my 1st world problem  1


If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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