I recently bought a cannondale system 6 with ultegra. It came with really nice fulcrum Al disc wheels which are 35mm deep. Really good every day wheels.

I'm considering gettign some "race wheels" that are a lot deep - but after spending $$$$ on the bike I can't don't have a huge budget.

I am considering the TUFF Saw D45 wheels for $700usd including shipping (currently on christmas sale....)


weight is 1390 grams and internal width is 18mm, so should be nice and flush with a set of 25mm tires. Their straight pull hubs look nice as well - better than other cheaphubs but cheaper than something like DT.

I've seen some videos on youtube about their wheels - but I'm interested if anybody else knows somebody with some of their wheels or has had some themselves. Even at full price they seem a good deal.