Hi everyone,

I have some issues with my rear wheel vision metron 55 clincher.

It was quite difficult to change the bearings and as a result the axle was damaged in the operation. Problem is : vision says they don't have the axle as spare part so I'm a bit stuck here, without a new axle it is not possible to tune the play in the bearings.

So, I ask here, as we never know a miracle can occur, it is soon christ mas after all !

Would anyone have a damaged rear vision wheel and disposed to sell the axle to me ?

I really don't know how to adress this issue in another way... (the wheel is at the repair shop since almost 3 month already due to this problem)


Thanks everyone !


(just to say, I live in France, near Paris)


matthewn5 [1433 posts] 1 year ago

Hi Frigo, would this help?


Also, the freehub sometimes sold with the axle attached:


Good luck!


Frigo [4 posts] 1 year ago
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Thanks a lot Matthewn5 it looks like exactly what I'm looking for !

kev-s [317 posts] 1 year ago
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Ive got a spare one from a set of Metron 40's that the rear hub shell cracked around the spoke holes

I can sell it including the freehub for £30 including postage to France

Had been keeping it for a spare but have now bought Campag Bora Ones

Code on the axle is 0912





Frigo [4 posts] 12 months ago

Thanks Kev-s,

Looks like the very same but as I called my lbs to ask him if I should order the axle mentionned in the link by Matthewn5 or if yours was the right one, he told me that in the meantime he had finally got an axle from vision.

Timing is a bit odd but finally it should be ok beginning of next week !

Anyway, thank you very much for your answer, I'll think about contacting you if (and I hope not) I have some issues again with the new axle in the future !

(you mentionned that your rear hub shell cracked ? Was it in a crash or something particularly stressful to the wheel ? Or should I expect issues on the shell in the future ?)


By the way, this forum is simply amazing and I'm very thankful for all the help !