I'm looking to buy a winter jacket.

The Castelli Alpha RoS jacket appeals but it's not cheap, so have been looking around and came across https://www.lapassione.cc/collections/man-collection/products_jackets - has anyone got one or dealt with La Passione before? 

Would welcome thoughts on the La Passione and also recommendations for a cold weather / winter jacket.

I probably won't be out in the rain but would like to keep active in the cold.

Thanks in advance.


arckuk [104 posts] 8 months ago
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I've got a number of items from La Passione, both summer bibs/jerseys and a winter jersey and jacket. I haven't got that precise item, but I have one of their blue camouflage jackets from January 2017 which is a similar weight and has been in daily rotation as a winter commute and other ride jacket when temperatures head lower than about 6 or 7 degrees. It fits my body shape well (I'm 183 cm, 70 kg, reasonably skinny and size M is great and allows multiple layers beneath when the weather gets really cold), is warm and reasonably wind resistant. It doesn't steam up inside; I think the newer model you highlighted is probably more waterproof, although mine is fine in light rain. It has stood up well to commuting duties (usually the shoulders and lower back show wear and tear from my rucksack first). Their customer service is excellent - I've ordered multiple sizes and returned the unwanted itesm free of charge, Agnese who does their customer service is very helpful.

I guess this makes me a bit of a fan of their kit - it's got a restrained style and is a little different to the usual brands you see on the road.