Hi all,

I help run a bike user group, and have heard various reports of Evans not accepting vouchers.

Just this morning i've heard from four people:

1) One person had purchased some vouchers and had money remaining on them, this is now no longer valid

2) One person visited the Bristol branch, where apparently there is a sign on the door saying Evans is no longer accepting their own vouchers

3) Two people have had issues with cyclescheme vouchers which were ordered just before Mike Ashley took over, for spending in Evans. One received the bike but it was scratched up, and is having trouble returning it. One was messed around so badly, as the bike had been delayed for a few weeks, to well into December.

Please can you post below if you having any issues with vouchers or cyclescheme with Evans.


Canyon48 [1136 posts] 6 months ago

The Evans cycles benefit has dropped off my work benefits package...

I also can't access the top up card I had - fortunately it only had a few pence left on it - so I'm in the same position as the 1st person you mentioned.

CXR94Di2 [2545 posts] 6 months ago

A friend of mine was successful in getting their new turbo with vouchers, but this was a few weeks ago, before the takeover had become finalised.