I've just bought a winter bike but it's a 10 speed shimano ultegra set up.

I'm gona change to a 11 speed shimano set up.

I have different wheels with a shimano11-32 cassete on it and have bought a shimano long cage derauler.

Is that all I have to do, or do I have to change the shifters, some people say yes and some no.


kil0ran [1367 posts] 8 months ago
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Yes you'll need to change the shifters.

Personally I'd have stuck with 10-speed if its a winter bike and gone with the 12-30 cassette option for 6700 if you need the range for the hills. It's a lot of faff for an extra cog.

vonhelmet [1350 posts] 8 months ago

You definitely have to change the shifters. Probably not worth the hassle, unless you really like spannering.