After some advice if I may.

The freehub on my Fulcrum Racing Zeros has gone from almost silent to a faint click, but on every wheel rotation there is a slight different tone once, a sort of elevated clicking sound - Its hard to describe. Also the spokes have begun to 'ping' slightly under heavy load when climbing out the saddle.

They run perfectly true and have only covered 3000 dry miles, is this bedding in? or should I be pro-active and arrange a wheel service already?


matthewn5 [1230 posts] 1 year ago
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Fulcrum Racing Zeros are so easy to service you can do it yourself in 20 minutes. There's a great video YouTube:

All you need is a spanner and two hex keys. Those Campag Record hubs will last for absolutely ever, if regularly maintained.

One point: Fulcrum/Campag freehubs shouldn't be silent, they should be noisy! Someone's put too much grease in, in the past. Yes, the 'note' of the clicking changes depending on how much grease is left in them. If you haven't serviced them ever, they've might have gone a little dry.

Have fun! It's so easy. I enjoy doing a service on my Campag/Fulcrum hubs.