Normally at the end of a grand tour the players all have pretty much the same teams, and so the comp grinds to a stagnent conclusion.  Not so this comp; stage 17, apart from Froome, Quintana, Elissonde and Yates, teams can still have sprinters or breakaway men. How to juggle the last transfers.

Valverde, Contador or Chaves?

Fraile, Gesink or Brambilla?

Silin or Zeits?

All will be revealed.




MinardiM189 [688 posts] 3 years ago
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I played a bit of a long game today, Valverde & Pardilla out , with Talansky & S.Sanchez in. Both should do OK in the TT and pick up GC points at least in the last stages.

Not enough transfers left to gamble on one off stages.

Sniffer [683 posts] 3 years ago

Don't have Yates any more.  You have me worried now!

Got 4 of the riders you ask the question of though.

Think Fraile might be a couple of points short on today's scoring. Scored as 4. 2nd in KoM overall and first over the first climb today.

PS Thanks for doing the scoring.  Really enjoying the Vuelta.