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How to put an end to pesky puncture headaches on the road or trail

Whether you’re riding on asphalt or gravel, using the right kit for puncture prevention and repair makes a cyclist's life so much easier. Peaty’s have just what you need

However much we might like to think that cycling is all one big happy family, there’s no disputing that cyclists do tend to divvy themselves up into distinct tribes. Even among ‘roadies’ there are racers, fast commuters, sportive riders, weekend warriors, cycle tourists. Add in other disciplines, say BMX or mountain bikers, and things get even more complicated.

But the great thing about cyclists is that we can at least appreciate each other’s unique characteristics and talents. For example, even the most diehard drop bar cyclist would find it difficult to argue against the idea that mountain biking has led the way with puncture protection, and trail-blazed things like tyre sealant and tubeless technology. In 2022, if your road tyres stay inflated despite glass and road debris, it’s probably thanks to somebody’s off-road experiences with thorns, and gravel years before. 

In fact, when it comes to ensuring your tyres provide tip-top performance, even if you and your bike are wedded to tarmac, it’s not a bad idea to get the assistance of a mountain biker.

Super Peaty

Which brings us rather nicely to the subject of Steve Peat. ‘Peaty’ is not just any old mountain biker: he is Britain's – and one of the world’s – greatest mountain bikers. With eight downhill National Championships, three downhill European Championships, 17 rounds of the downhill World Cup and four UCI downhill world titles to his name – not to mention having his own video game – Peaty has demanded the kind of performance from his kit that the rest of us could never imagine.


So, when he finally decided to hang up his racing baggies, Peaty decided he would share some of what he learnt during his years at the top via his own brand. That brand – Peaty’s – produces a range of performance products to help clean, protect and lubricate your bike so that it is working as efficiently and effectively as possible. One of the original products was LoamFoam professional-grade biodegradable cleaner, but now includes a selection of different lubes, greases including bike assembly grease, and maintenance products like Protect and Shine spray. (To see the full range of Peaty’s products click here.)

And this isn't some 'me-too' operation making the most of a famous name. Peaty's design everything from the ground up to overcome all the frustrations riders have with existing products in the marketplace. These truly are products made by cyclists, for cyclists.

Rubber up

But the thing is, Peaty’s products aren’t just for mountain bikers. That’s important when it comes to tyres because one thing that unites riders of all stripes is the shared heartbreak that comes with a puncture. But Peaty’s kit can make puncture problems a thing of the past with an innovative range of tubeless tyre products that will all but guarantee happy rides, whether on road, gravel or trail.

As with other Peaty’s products, their tubeless tyre care range isn’t just effective at its job; it’s all been designed to be as user-friendly and environmentally-conscious as possible, from the ingredients used in the base product formulation right through to packaging, delivery and even how the product will be re-used or recycled at the end of its life. Just as with punctures, whatever kind of rider you are, sustainability is something we can all unite around. Plus, it’s all going to keep you cycling for longer!

So let’s see the two main Peaty’s products that will help keep puncture headaches at bay.

Puncture Prevention

Holeshot Sealant £7.99 (120ml) 


Prevention is better than cure, and there’s never been more truth in that statement than when it comes to tyre care. Tubeless tyres and their use of sealant, means that if the tyre tread or wall is breached, it can be instantly blocked before things start getting flat.

Peaty’s Holeshot Sealant has been developed alongside World Cup mechanics and world champion racers, and features biodegradable fibres and particles that bind together with the fast-acting latex to create a clot – just like platelets in blood – to seal holes and tears in the tyre up to 6mm quickly and effectively. It’s also water-based, ammonia-free, non-hazardous, can be easily washed out, and lasts up to six months in your tyre.

Key features

  • Biodegradable sealing fibres
  • Biodegradable platelets
  • CO2 compatible
  • Seals up to 6mm holes
  • Operating pressures: 15 to 120 psi
  • Operating temperature: -20°c to +50°c
  • Seals porous tyres and bead/rim gaps
  • Recommended quantities: Road 30-45ml / Cyclo-cross 60-75ml

How to use


If you’re new to tubeless tyres and have never used sealant before, it couldn’t be easier. (And because Holeshot Sealant is water based, it couldn’t be less messy, too.)

  1. Shake the bottle vigorously before every use to ensure an even distribution of fibres and particles.
  2. Rinse away any old sealant from the tyre and dry off completely. For brand new tyres degrease, rinse and dry the internal carcass to remove factory mould release agents and other contaminants.
  3. Seat your tyre onto the rim and inflate initially without sealant. Pop the tyre bead fully onto the rim.
  4. Deflate the tyre and, with the valve at the three o’clock position, use the flexible injector pipe provided with Holeshot Sealant to inject the desired amount of sealant directly through the de-cored valve.
  5. Re-insert the valve core and re-inflate the tyre to desired pressure.
  6. Distribute the sealant around inside the tyre by spinning the wheel and tapping the tyre on the floor.
  7. Listen for any air leaks and orientate the wheel so that the sealant flows around the inside of the tyre to the area required. Continue doing this until you can’t hear any more air loss.
  8. Wash away any excess sealant that may have found its way to the outside of the tyre or rim with water.
  9. Check tyre pressures and ride!

Puncture Cure

Tubeless Puncture Plugger kit £21.99 


OK, the worst has happened and, for once, your sealant just won’t cut it – this puncture repair is going to require something a more substantial. Luckily, Peaty’s have the answer with the Tubeless Puncture Plugger kit. Housed inside a smart anodised aluminium body is the main component: a high-quality stainless-steel fork, that teams with either of the included sheets of 1.5mm or 3mm plugs to fix any serious tyre damage. 

With the Tubeless Puncture Plugger, Peaty’s have created a unique single-sided fork design that allows for multiple plug sizes to be easily rolled into the dip of the fork and pushed straight into the tyre. The open side to the fork then allows for the tool to be easily pulled out of the hole, leaving the plug perfectly in place. Easy and super quick to apply, you’ll be ready to go again in no time. 

(And if you need Puncture Plug Refills, six 1.5mm plugs or six 3mm plugs are available for £3.99.)

Key features

  • Unique single-sided fork design 
  • Leaves the plug in place each time without pulling it back out of the tyre
  • Knurled body and ribbed handle for extra grip
  • Weather sealing O-rings make the tool waterproof when assembled
  • Fork made from 316 stainless steel
  • Body made from anodised 6061 aluminium
  • Available in 12 Chris King colours

How to use

Never used a tubeless tyre puncture plugger before? Don’t worry, it’s almost as straightforward as giving something a short sharp poke.

  1. Unscrew the cap from the tool, remove the plug sheets and put them somewhere safe.
  2. Screw the cap onto the base of the Puncture Plugger fork to create a sturdy handle.
  3. Find the puncture and remove any debris by cleaning the hole using the spikey knurled texture on the fork shaft.
  4. Choose the right sized plug to fill the hole (it's always best to go slightly bigger than the hole – too small and it’ll pull back out again).
  5. Roll the middle of the plug tightly into the dip of the fork.
  6. Pinch the tyre tightly to isolate the puncture then push the plug into the hole, leaving about 10mm sticking out.
  7. Pull out the fork, making sure you leave the plug inside the tyre.
  8. Re-inflate your tyre to the right pressure.
  9. Ride on!

Tyre Care

The Holeshot Sealant and Tubeless Puncture Plugger kit aren’t the only awesome tyre care products in the Peaty’s range – here are other fantastic bits of kit that will keep riders of all disciplines rolling happily.

CO2 Tyre Inflator Kit £27.99 (road and gravel 16g) 


Need to get some air back in your tyres ASAP? Peaty’s have a specific road and gravel bike CO2 Tyre Inflator Kit that will get you up and running. Manufactured from high-grade aluminium and coming in 12 Chris King colours, this handy ride-saver comes with two 16g CO2 cartridges, one inflator head and a closed base freeze protector sleeve. CO2 refills are also available at £17.99 for a pack of five 16g cartridges. 

Tubeless Rim Tape from £15.99 (21mm x 9m) 


Available in a range of widths – 21mm, 25mm, 30mm or 35mm – and two lengths – 9m or 50m – Peaty’s tubeless rim tape is made from a dual-layered, high tensile strength film and comes primed with a bespoke adhesive to form a strong air-tight seal with your rim, yet leaves hardly any mess behind if you come to remove it.

X Chris King Tubeless MK2 Valves from £26.99 (42mm and 60mm) 


Anybody who thinks tubeless tyres is a boring subject obviously hasn’t come across Peaty’s incredible tubeless valves. These 7075 aluminium beauties come in 12 anodised Chris King colours; there’s a choice of three lengths – 42mm, 60mm or 80mm; they fit any tubeless ready rims; and they’re guaranteed for life. 

Holeshot Tubeless Conversion Kit £44.99 (road and gravel) 


If you’ve got tubeless ready rims, but you’ve never gone the whole hog and decided to ditch the inner, Peaty’s have made it super easy with a road and gravel bike-specific tubeless conversion kit. Featuring 21mm Peaty’s Tubeless Rim Tape, two black 60mm X Chris King Tubeless MK2 Valves and 120ml of Holeshot Sealant – as well as comprehensive instructions – you’ve got the best ingredients ready for a feast of tubeless fun. 

Check out the Peaty's website for more info

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