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Share your favourite routes with us on komoot

Let us know about the best placse that you ride

If you want to share your favourite routes with us then it's easy using komoot, the great multi-discipline planning and riding app. We reviewed it here and it has some neat features, especially a fully-featured route planner that gives you information on the surfaces you’ll be riding on. It also allows you to include highlights along the route that are added by the komoot community. 

Getting set up is simple: here’s a video showing you how to get going, if you’re not on the platform already. Make sure that you follow us on komoot: go to ‘find friends’ and search for ‘roadcc’. Here's our profile:

How to share a route with us

Once you’re set up on komoot, there are two ways to share your favourite route.

If you’ve already ridden the route and it’s in your list of completed tours, you need to go into the tour and tag us. If you want to create the route from scratch then head to the route planner section of the site and get cracking! When you’ve finished your route, save it and use the invite function to connect us to the route. Whichever option you choose, we’ll get a notification and we’ll we'll be able to see your route. If you keep your rides private on komoot you can still add us, without making the ride public. Whichever method you choose, make sure you comment on the route telling us what's so great about it! Here are some of the team's favourite days out...

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