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Gobik in style — the coolest new summer cycling clothing from Spanish innovators Gobik

We look at the new summer range of kit from Spain’s most exciting cycle clothing brand, Gobik

When it comes to nations associated with high fashion, people naturally tend to first think of France. And when it comes to countries associated with high-quality cyclewear, the first thought in that case is often Italy... but there is one European nation that can rival these traditional heartlands in both sectors: Spain.

We know that cyclists would generally rather be riding their bikes than trudging round the high street, but you might still be familiar with names like Loewe, Balenciaga, Paco Rabanne, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Zara, Desigual… we could go on, and these are just a small selection of Spanish fashion labels that have become globally famous.

But it’s not just in clothes for all the fashionistas where Spain is producing funky threads – that exciting influence is just as available in cycling kit, via Murcia-based brand Gobik. 

Gobik cycle clothing

Formed in 2010, Gobik uses “clean lines and vibrant colours” to inspire its garments. For riders who want to hit the road in their own unique style – and we know that includes a vast number of cyclists – Gobik offers something just a little different.

Leading the way this summer is Gobik’s UNITY Warm24 range, purposely designed to cope with summer weather. “UNITY speaks of our origin, focused on the love for detail and the feel of fabrics. Garments with unparalleled technical and performance characteristics in monochromatic, paced, and minimalist patterns,” the brand says, and looking at the range it’s hard to disagree.

But rather than waxing lyrical at length, let’s let the products do the talking and reveal some of the exciting new options that might bring a little bit of style to your summer cycling wardrobe this year.


Grit 2.0 Bib-short – €130

Gobik GRIT 2.0 bib-short

Especially designed for adventure cycling and – perhaps suitably enough – an evolution of Gobik’s mountain-bike-focused cargo shorts, the Grit 2.0 uses an all-new construction pattern to improve performance while remaining super stylish in either Evergreen or Toffee colourways.

With four generous integrated pockets, Gobik’s K10 pad for long distance comfort, and lightweight and highly-stretch breathable circular fabric, this is a product that truly combines performance with practicality and cycling chic.

Volt T-shirt – €88

Gobik VOLT jersey

We mentioned Spanish high street fashion labels in the intro, and we reckon that none of Gobik’s printed garments are more high street fashion-worthy than the Volt T-shirt, especially in this Nix colourway.

Don’t be seduced by the looks alone, as the Volt has been designed for practical adventure cycling, with super-useful features such as highly-breathable soft-touch material and a relaxed construction with extra length.

The Volt’s real selling-point, though, is its interior fastening system, which has been specially created for off-road disciplines. It prevents the pocket area from moving once it is full, so whatever you are carrying stays close to your back instead of bouncing about – cool and clever!

CX Pro 3.0 Jersey – €90

Gobik CX PRO 3.0 jersey

If you’re looking for something even more performance-orientated but which retains Gobik’s sense of visual fun, the CX Pro Jersey is the obvious option.

The CX Pro is actually one of Gobik’s range staples, but it has been drastically overhauled recently to be more aerodynamic, with advanced seamless and laser-cut sleeve design. It's more breathable, with mesh side panels for enhanced comfort; lighter weight; and finished with an attention to detail that puts higher-end products to shame. As you’d expect, it’s available in some unique print designs – this ‘Astral’ version is one of our favourites.

Absolute 6.0 Bib-short – €135

Gobik ABSOLUTE 6.0 bib-short

Rarely is a product’s name as appropriate. The Absolute bib-short is absolutely at the cutting-edge of Gobik’s range, having been evolved over generations to meet the needs of absolutely the most demanding of riders.

The supportive shoulder straps are made with a graphene thread and the exclusive high-quality Elastic Interface chamois pad provide enhanced comfort and performance, while the textured Lycra is highly breathable and offers balanced compression.

As you’d expect from Gobik, the Absolute bib-short also looks great as well. 

Phantom Jersey – €105

Gobik Phantom jersey

Gobik’s newest and most technically advanced jersey, the Phantom is perfectly named because, like a thief in the night, you may not even notice that you're wearing it.

Its ‘SHADE’ fabric is the most stretchy material Gobik has ever used, while its semi-open structure offers high breathability and ultra-quick drying. At just 75g for a size M, it’s the lightest jersey Gobik has ever made, and one of the lightest on the market. 

With a fit that offers a great balance between comfort and performance, there really is no better option for hot and humid conditions this summer.

Matt 2.0 Bib-short – €120

Gobik MATT 2.0 bib-short

For riders wanting something a little more traditional than the Absolute bib-short, the Matt 2.0 Compact bib-short should be first on your list.

Don’t be fooled by the minimalist aesthetics and matte finish; this product is jam-packed with features, including a design that is focused on support and compression, using Gobik’s exclusive bi-elastic Lycra to maximise comfort on long rides. With soft and ergonomic shoulder straps and Gobik’s K10 pad with graphene yarn to suppress bacteria, this truly is a garment that will help you push your limits. 

Stark Jersey – €85

Gobik STARK jersey

Wrapping up our clothing round-up, let’s end when we started, with some awesome print designs.

The Stark jersey isn’t short on practicalities, with a relaxed classic cut; lightweight, soft and breathable fabric; micro-perforated sleeves; and three generous pockets. But it’s the four colourways – Icy, Azure, Moonless and Cherry – that we love. And if you can’t decide which is your favourite, why not have one of each?


Pouch Saddlebag – from €30

Gobik POUCH GRANDE saddlebag

Of course, fashion houses don’t just make clothes – often they’ll have a selection of luxury accessories, like handbags or wallets. And so it is with Gobik, except here we have the fab Pouch saddlebag available in either Compact form for €30 or the enlarged Grande version for €36. In both cases, it’s made from hardy ripstop nylon and features a waterproof cover, making it a simple but stylish option for all your necessary ride essentials.

Lynx 2.0 Gloves – €32 

Gobik LYNX 2.0 gloves

Finally, what does the typical high-fashionista need to finish off the perfect outfit? Gloves!

Admittedly, the Lynx 2.0 are far more about substance than style –the four-way stretch jacquard mesh upper fabric, the perforated microfibre palm, the tactile thread on index finger and thumb, and the perforated neoprene cuff are all designed to enhance grip, control and comfort. But with a choice of three colours, Hedge Green, Tofu and True Black, who says you can’t accessorise in style? 

To see Gobik’s full range, visit

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brooksby | 3 weeks ago
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Those gloves look more suited to golf than to cycling…

Llargobike | 3 weeks ago

This is "The brand". The same quality as the best at the right price. The new Phantom jersey and Grit bib shorts are excellent examples and should be your first purchases if you are new to this brand. You will repeat.

Chrisleeks | 4 weeks ago
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I live in Spain and my cycling wardrobe is mainly Gobik. The size guide on their website is spot on

andystow | 1 month ago

I quite like the look of the tee, it would make it really hard to tell whether or not I had just come from a paintball fight.

Secret_squirrel | 1 month ago

I just popped in to say.

Gobik or go home.

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