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Check out the most popular and spectacular Festka bikes of 2021

If you want to glance at some of the hottest finishes boutique bike brand Festka pulled off last year, check out these designs…

Festka is a Czech manufacturer of high-end carbon bike frames, and the brand really knows how to pull off a spectacular and unique finish. Festka regularly uses its 61.4k strong Instagram following to showcase its designs, and for the second year running the brand has published a top 10 of its Instagram posts to highlight the most popular Festka bikes in 2021 amongst its fans. 

Here are the results, from the tenth best-rated all the way to the most popular (it’s a good one we promise)...

10. Scout Mummy 

2021 Festka most popular designs  #10

The Festka Scout was launched in 2021 as the brand’s second gravel model. 

The build pictured is the Scout in the Mummy design scheme, and was made for a Czech female cyclist who lives in Switzerland.

9. Scout Copper 

2021 Festka most popular designs #9

Designed for bikepacking on rougher terrain, this vivid copper-finished Scout features Rotor’s hydraulic 13-speed groupset. 

8. Scalatore Spirit 3

2021 Festka most popular designs  #8

The Scalatore is Festka’s best-selling model, and this one is finished in the Spirit design. Feskta says “it proves that there is, indeed, beauty in simplicity”.

7. Scalatore Core R&D

2021 Festka most popular designs  #7

In naked carbon with just a little touch of blue and pink in a gradient colour scheme, the Scalatore here looks equally stunning in its stealthier form. 

6.  Pepovo Kolo

2021 Festka most popular designs #6

Now this bike is very special as it belongs to one of Festka’s longest serving employees, frame builder Josef Kabeš. 

“A weight weenie extraordinaire, he went to great lengths to make his bike as light as possible,” says Festka. “The bike is full of special details including a handmade saddle and handlebar/stem combo”.

5. Doppler Spirit

2021 Festka most popular designs #5

The Doppler marries carbon and titanium in a unique way, and in this version, the carbon parts of the frame have been painted in the Chameleon Eclipse paint for a striking finish that changes as you move it.

4. Scout Ondrash & Kasparek

2021 Festka most popular designs #4

Festka collaborated with artist duo Ondřej Konupčík and Radim Kašpárek for this elaborate finish on the Scout gravel bike. 

The technique used involves transferring acrylic paints from the surface of water onto canvas. You can find out more about how it was achieved over here. 

3. Doppler inspired by Felipe Pantone

2021 Festka most popular designs #3

This Doppler takes inspiration from the work of Argentinian artist Felipe Pantone, combining the two decorative techniques of painting and anodisation. 

2. Rover Antti

2021 Festka most popular designs  #2

The Rover was Festka’s first gravel model that was launched three years ago. 

“This special design scheme based on the livery of Rally Group B 1986 Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 was made for a Finnish client who created the whole concept himself, including several witty redesigns of the original sponsors’ logos,” Festka details.

1. Scalatore Ondrash & Kasparek

2021 Festka most popular designs #1

Topping the charts was another bike that was the result of a collaboration with artist duo Ondrash & Kašpárek, who have applied their unique paint dripping technique to not only the frame but also to the fork, saddle and stem.

A rim brake frame was chosen for this project. Festka says it “believed [a rim brake frame] would suit the design better than the currently ubiquitous discs."

The Doppler inspired by Pantone (that came in at number 3) would be my top pick... what’s yours?

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Secret_squirrel | 2 years ago

Whilst I can appreciate the artistry of a few of them, they are all a bit busy and marmitey for my tastes.

Intruiged by the Carbon/Ti mixed frame though.  Makes me think old Raleigh Special Products division stuff.

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