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What inspires you to keep riding through the dark winter evenings?

We ask what keeps YOU cycling in the winter when it's cold, dark and wet

Do you hang up your wheels during the winter, or do you keep cycling whatever the weather? We asked readers on Facebook what motivates and inspires them to keep cycling through the winter.

The replies are enough to make us want to get out on the bike right now.

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It’s clear many readers want to keep cycling through the winter to preserve fitness for the summer. James Claridge tells us it’s “To keep fit so you stay fast for the summer!” That's good enough reason for the team as well.

Jordan Fifield confirms this motivation. “The only thing keeping me cycling in the rain, cold and dark is the fact that I don't want to be the fat lad at the back, suffering every Sunday when the season starts (again)," he adds.

Alan Johnson uses similar inspiration, saying it's “the prospect of being many pounds heavier come next spring.”

Gavin Lewis tells us it because of the “First light on the morning commute. Beautiful.”

Dave Sewell likes his challenges big. He rides “an Audax challenge of at least one 200km a month every month for 12 months."

Goals like this are a really good way to keep you focused during the winter months.

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Rachel Kennedy says: “There's something strangely nice about night riding. I feel cocooned by the dark. You just concentrate on the 10 ft in front coz that's all you can see!”

Joe Landers has a simply reply. “It makes spring and summer riding seem that much easier," he says. "If you've not a winter of cold and rain, I don't appreciate the long summer rides as much…”

Winter cycling can still be fun reckons Edd Stance. “I enjoy cycling, no matter the weather! Yes, winter is more painful but meh, it can still be fun!” he says.

Nigel Briscoe sums it up best we reckon though, by saying “Winter miles = Summer smiles”

Why do you keep cycling through the winter?

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