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238 tubeless wheels — take a look at the most comprehensive listing you'll find

Tubeless wheels from £114 to £2,400

Since the first edition of this guide a couple of years ago the range of tubeless-ready wheels available to you has doubled, to the point where this guide is becoming obsolete; you now have to make an effort to avoid tubeless-compatible wheels rather than having to hunt them down. We found over 200 different models listed by manufacturers, though they’re not all available in the UK yet. Let’s take a look.

What almost all tubeless-ready wheels now have in common is a shoulder in the rim well for the tyre bead to sit on, with a lip on the inside edge to keep it there. Subtle changes to the shapes of rims and the profiles of tyres over the last couple of years have made mounting tubeless tyres easier while simultaneously improving the security of their fit.


Acros Road-DISC C wheels.jpg

This German partsmeister has a range of four tubeless wheels, three with carbon rims and one in aluminium.

Model Weight Price
Road Disc Carbon SLS 1,295g £1,549.99
Road Disc Carbon (Read review) 1,451g £1,448.99
Road Carbon 1,434 g £1,448.99
Road Disc NA £878.99



Aera Components offers a choice of 36mm, 46mm and 56mm-deep rims, on hubs from Hope, Tune and Chris King, and you can opt for a Son Schmidt dynamo with a Hope or Chris King rear hub. The weight you get therefore depends on which components you choose, but we were impressed with our rim-braked AR56 wheels which came in at 1,270g.

Model Weight Price
All Road (Read review) NA NA
All Road Disc NA £1,570.00-£2,160.00

Alex Rims

Alex Rims Alex CXD4 Road Disc Wheelset.jpg

Known for rims, Alex also produces a significant range of wheels, though few models are available in the UK. We hope that will change as we've been impressed by the performance and value of the Alex wheels we've tested

Model Weight Price
Boondocs 5 Disc 1,910g NA
CXD6 Disc 1,842g NA
CXD4 Disc 1,560g £339.99
Boondocks 3 Disc 1,714g NA
RXD3 Disc 1,550g NA
ALX210 1,922g NA
ALX265 1,832g £199.99
ALX473 1,460g NA

American Classic

American Classic Sprint 350 Tubeless wheelset.jpg

American Classic has a substantial range of tubeless wheels, including some up-to-the-minute wide-rim designs, and some of the lightest aluminium-rimmed wheels around.

American Classic recently shut down its Taiwanese factory, but some of its wheels are still available through dealers.

Read our review of the American Classic Sprint 350 Tubeless wheels
Read our review of the American Classic Argent Tubeless wheels

Model Weight Price
Argent 1,392g £759.98
Sprint 350 Disc 1,570g £690.00
Victory 30 1,547g £379.79
Victory 30 Disc 1,722g £452.99


Bontrager Affinity Elite Road Disc wheelset

Trek’s wheel and component brand was early to get on board with tubeless mountain bike tyres, so it’s no surprise there’s a wide range of Bontrager tubeless-ready wheels, from the entry level Affinity Comp right up to the all-carbon Aeolus range of racing wheels.

Bontrager has recently introduced two new lines of carbon-rimmed tubeless wheels, the Aeolus XXX and Aeolus Pro series.

Read our review of the Bontrager Aura 5
Read our review of the Bontrager Affinity Elite Disc wheels
Find a Bontrager dealer

Model Weight Price
Paradigm Comp TLR 1,585g £549.98
Paradigm Comp TLR Disc 1,675g £549.98
Aeolus Comp 5 TLR 1,860g £699.00
Paradigm Elite TLR 1,464g £749.98
Aeolus Pro 3 TLR 1,506g £1,041.20
Aeolus 3 TLR D3 Clincher 1,348g £1,998.00
Aeolus 3 TLR Disc D3 Clincher 1,454g £1,999.98
Aeolus 5 TLR D3 Clincher 1,440g £1,999.98
Aeolus XXX 2 TLR 1,305g £1,999.98
Aeolus XXX 2 TLR Disc 1,380g £1,999.98
Aeolus XXX 4 TLR 1,400g £1,999.98
Aeolus XXX 4 TLR Disc 1,455g £1,999.98
Aeolus XXX 6 TLR 1,530g £1,998.00
Aeolus XXX 6 TLR Disc 1,575g £1,999.98
Aeolus Pro 5 TLR 1,605g £1,198.00
Aeolus Pro 5 TLR Disc 1,720g £1,198.00



The Cycle Clinic's Malcolm Borg builds his wheels in Suffolk, with great attention to detail and quality that comes through in any conversation. The warranty is rather special: Borg promises to replace anything that's failed – rim, spoke or hub – due to a manufacturing defect, for the entire life of the wheelset. If you crash them, Borg will repair for the cost of parts only – the labour's free.

Borg favours Miche and Carbon Ti hubs, and offers a huge range of options in rims, spokes and build details.

Model Weight Price
Rim brake wheels (Read review) NA From £270.00
Disc brake wheels NA From £300.00

Campagnolo & Fulcrum


Campagnolo and subsidiary wheel brand Fulcrum call their tubeless system 2-Way Fit — sometimes shortened to 2WF — as it works with both standard tyres and tubeless tyres. Campagnolo says this allows a rider to “test which of the two solutions suits them best or use the clincher for training and the tubeless tire for the day of the race”.

There are nine models in the two marques’ ranges from the Campagnolo Zondas to the Fulcrum Racing Zeros. Four new disc-brake tubeless models were recently announced under the Fulcrum marque, along with one new disc-brake tubeless Campagnolo wheel, all with 2-Way Fit rims.

Read our review of the Fulcrum Racing 3 2-Way Fit wheels

Model Weight Price
Campagnolo Zonda 2-Way Fit 1,619g £432.73
Campagnolo Eurus 2-Way Fit 1,485g £735.99
Campagnolo Shamal Ultra 2-Way Fit 1,479g £729.99
Campagnolo Shamal Ultra disc brake 2-Way Fit 1,540g ~£860.00
Fulcrum Racing 3 2-Way Fit 1,595g £574.99
Fulcrum Racing Zero Competizione 2-Way Fit 1,460g £840.50
Fulcrum Racing 4 disc brake 2-Way Fit 1,690g £297.74
Fulcrum Racing 5 disc brake 2-Way Fit 1,610g £299.00
Fulcrum Racing 6 disc brake 2-Way Fit 1,690g £219.99
Fulcrum Racing 7 disc brake 2-Way Fit 1,740g £202.49


Cero ARD23 Aluminium Disc Clincher Wheelset - rim bed.jpg

The wheel brand of Derbyshire cycle shop Cycle Division, Cero has a range of five tubeless-compatible wheels with aluminium or carbon rims that represent very good value for money for the weight and performance on offer.

Read our review of the Cero ARD23 Aluminium Disc wheels

Model Weight Price
AR24 Evo Aluminium 1,499g £189.00
ARD23 Aluminium Disc 1,495g £299.00
AR30 Evo Aluminium 1,376g £299.00
RC35 Carbon Disc 1,409g £899.00
RC35 Carbon 1,293g £899.00
RC50 Carbon 1,399g £749.00
RC45 Evo Carbon Chris King NA £1,750.00

DT Swiss

DT Swiss R24 Spline wheelset - rim bed 2

All DT Swiss’ wheels appear to be tubeless-ready, a sensible move by the wheelmaker to broaden the appeal of its hoops. The range covers every imaginable road and cyclo-cross application and a huge price band from the budget R24 Splines at under £200 up to the ERC 1100 Dicut disc brake at £2,000 per pair.

Read our review of the DT Swiss R24 Spline disc brake wheels

Model Weight Price
ARC 1100 Dicut 80 1,708g ~£1,685.00
ARC 1100 Dicut 80 disc brake 1,708g ~£1,685.00
ARC 1100 Dicut 62 1,597g ~£1,660.00
ARC 1100 Dicut 62 disc brake 1,609g £2,070.98
ARC 1100 Dicut 48 1,511g ~£1,685.00
ARC 1100 Dicut 48 disc brake 1,490g ~£1,655.00
PRC 1400 Spline 35 1,486g ~£1,350.00
PRC 1400 Spline 35 disc brake 1,434g ~£1,465.00
PRC 1400 Spline 65 1,669g ~£1,400.00
PRC 1400 Spline 65 disc brake 1,698g ~£1,460.00
PR 1400 Dicut 21 disc brake 1,443g ~£590.00
PR 1400 Dicut 21 1,423g ~£590.00
PR 1400 Dicut Oxic 21 1,435g £659.99
PR 1600 Spline 32 disc brake 1,787g £379.90
PR 1600 Spline 32 1,737g ~£400.00
PR 1600 Spline 23 disc brake 1,658g ~£390.00
PR 1600 Spline 23 1,591g ~£410.00
PR 1600 Dicut 21 disc brake 1,525g ~£490.00
PR 1600 Dicut 21 1,489g ~£460.00
P 1800 Spline 32 disc brake 1,821g ~£295.00
P 1800 Spline 23 disc brake 1,675g ~£260.00
P 1800 Spline 23 1,596g ~£270.00
ERC 1400 Spline 47 disc brake 1,538g £1,423.73
ER 1400 Spline 21 disc brake 1,474g £616.24
ER 1600 Spline 32 disc brake 1,767g ~£420.00
ER 1600 Spline 23 disc brake 1,638g ~£420.00
E 1800 Spline 23 disc brake 1,655g ~£300.00
C 1800 Spline 23 disc brake 1,745g ~£300.00
CR 1600 Spline 23 disc brake 1,728g ~£415.00



With a starting point at almost £700, Easton's tubeless offerings are very much pitched at the high end and racing, and include three models with carbon fibre rims for speed demons.

Find an Easton dealer

Model Weight Price
EA90 XD Disc 1,620g £737.98
EA90 SL Disc 6-bolt 1,560g £1,064.98
EA90 SLX 1,400g £872.98
EC90 Aero 85 Disc 1,827g £2,899.98
EC90 Aero 55 1,630g £2,064.98
EC90 SL 1,473g NA
EC90 SL Disc 1,674g £2,279.05
EA70 SL Disc 1,590g £769.98
EA70 AX Disc 1,760g £519.98


Edco Roches Tubeless Ready Wheelset

Edco has a large range of tubeless wheels, not all of which seem to be available in the UK, but which includes the startlingly light Supersport Neggias at a claimed weight of 1,179g.

Find an Edco dealer

Model Weight Price
Optima Roches 1,586g £400.00
Optima Roches Disc 1,724g £550.00
Aero Gesero 65mm 1,693g £2,100.00
Aero Umbrial 45mm 1,488g £2,100.00
Aero Fluela 85mm 1,900g £2,100.00
Aero Umbrial Disc 45mm 1,780g £2,100.00


Halo Evaura 6D 700c wheelset

Some of your best-value options in tubeless come from British brand Halo whose range includes the Evaura 6D wheels we reviewed recently and two Uni models that can be used with either discs or rim brakes.

Read our review of the Halo Evaura 6D wheels
Find a Halo dealer

Model Weight Price
Evaura 6D 1,566g £300.00
Evaura Uni 6D 1,597g £370.00
Devaura 6D 1,625g £400.00
Devaura Uni 6D 1,804g £459.00
Devaura Disc 6D 1,804g £479.98


Hunt Race Season Aero Wide wheelset

New British wheel contender Hunt specialises in tubeless — in fact, it doesn't make anything else, aside from a couple of models for tubular tyres. The range comprises twelve models at the time of writing, six for disc brakes and six for rim brakes. We've been very impressed by the performance and value of the wheels we've reviewed so far.

Read our review of the Hunt 4Season Dura Road wheels
Read our review of the Hunt Race Season Aero Wide wheels

Model Weight Price
50 Carbon Aero Disc 1,487g £919.00
30 Carbon Aero Disc 1,379g £899.00
30 Carbon Gravel Disc 1,479g £899.00
Aero Light Disc 1,498g £399.00
Mason Hunt 4 Season Disc 1,585g £319.00
4 Season Gravel Disc 1,629g £319.00
SuperDura Dynamo Disc 1,939g £379.00 Fr/£539.00 Pr
Mason Hunt 650B AdventureSport Disc 1,549g £319.00
50 Carbon Wide Aero 1,537g £919.00
3650 Carbon Wide Aero 1,477g £899.00
36 Carbon Wide Aero 1,417g £899.00
Sprint Aero Wide 1,497g £399.00
Race Aero Wide 1,487g £379.00
Race Aero 1,439g £339.00
4 Season Aero 1,579g £319.00
Race Aero SuperDura 1,595g £419.00

Just Riding Along

York-based handbuilt wheel company Just Riding Along has a small but tidy range of tubeless wheels, with plenty of options. You can choose CX-Ray spokes, for example, colour variants or nipple material.

Read our review of the Just Riding Along Lark Light Road wheels
Read our review of the Just Riding Along Gecko carbon wheels

Model Weight Price
Lark Standard 1,539g From £360.00
Lark Light 1,460g From £340.00
Gecko carbon 1,274g £850.00
Map 1,518g From £360.00


Kinesis Crosslight CX Disc

To go with its well-regarded road and cyclo-cross frames, Kinesis has a range of four tubeless-ready wheels, two for cyclo-cross use and two for road, with disc- and regular-braked versions of the latter.

Read our review of the Kinesis Crosslight CX Disc wheels

Model Weight Price
Racelight Disc 1,550g £351.99
Racelight Disc v2 1,530g £400.00
Racelight v2 1,520g £300.00
CX Disc v5 1,720g £375.00
CX Disc HD v2 1,830g £375.00

Knight Composites


If these newly-released wheels from Knight Composites live up to their claims, the tubeless technology they embody could be a game-changer. Working with tyre maker Schwalbe, Knight has developed a hookless rim, drawing lessons from the design of automotive tyres and says fitting a Schwalbe tyre to a Knight tubeless rim is easier than Mavic's Road UST set-up.

Read more: Knight launch new TLA wheels, claimed to be the world's 'easiest and fastest'

Model Weight Price
35 Clincher TLA 1,430g £2,000
35 Clincher TLA Disc 1,465g £2,000
50 Clincher TLA 1,510g £2,000
50 Clincher TLA Disc 1,625g £2,000


Mavic Ksyrium Elite Disc All Road.jpeg

Mavic was surprisingly late to the road tubeless party given its wide range of mountain bike tubeless wheels, but as in June 2017 has gone all in with a new line-up of wheels that use a road-specific version of the UST technology Mavic pioneered for mountain bikes back in the 1990s.

Mavic says its UST wheels work best with its own UST tyres because the manufacturing tolerances of tyres and rims are very tightly controlled, but other manufacturer's road tubeless tyres will work.

The line-up has since been expanded and it's clear that Mavic almost certainly intends to convert its whole range to Road UST.

Mavic Road UST cross-section
Mavic Road UST cross-section
Model Weight Price
Aksium Elite UST 1,780g £215.76
Ksyrium UST 1,650g ~£346.00
Ksyrium UST Disc 1,690g £405.00
Ksyrium Elite UST 1,520g £469.00
Ksyrium Elite UST Disc 1,670g £497.25
Ksyrium Pro UST 1,410g £675.99
Ksyrium Pro UST Disc 1,650g £699.99
Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL UST 1,445g £1,709.10
Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL UST Disc 1,475g £1,709.10
Allroad (Disc UST) 1,890g £253.21
Allroad Elite UST 1,590g £553.50
Allroad Elite Road+ Disc (UST 650B) 1,740g £526.99
Allroad Elite UST Disc 1,720g £549.95
Allroad Pro UST Disc 1,610g £773.10
Cosmic Elite UST 1,770g £279.00
Cosmic Elite UST Disc 1,850g £305.00
Cosmic Pro Carbon UST Disc 1,650g £1,215.00
Cosmic Pro Carbon UST Disc 650B NA £1,215.00
Cosmic Pro Carbon UST 1,650g £1,199.00
Cosmic Pro Carbon UST TdF edition 1,650g £1,299.00
Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST 1,490g £1,229.53
Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST Disc 1,570g £1,150.00
Cosmic Ultimate UST 1,310g NA
Comete Pro Carbon SL UST 1,635g £1,350.00
Comete Pro Carbon SL UST Disc 1,755g £1,502.10


Novatec 30 Alu Clincher wheelset - Main

We've liked the Novatec tubeless wheels we've reviewed. As well as tubeless compatibility they have lots of thoughtful features such as compatibility with both Shimano and Campagnolo cassettes and a steel strip in the aluminium freehub body that stops sprocket splines from digging into it.

Read our review of the Novatec CXD wheels
Read our review of the Novatec Thirty wheels
Find a Novatec dealer

Model Weight Price
Thirty 1,900g £174.00
CXD 1,470g £349.99
Jetfly HD 1,435g £428.99
Impulse 1,495g ~£475.00
Jetfly Disc 1,690g £429.00
Sprint 1,355g £499.00
R9 Carbon 1,971g £1,417.39
R5 Carbon Disc 1,735g £1,133.73
R3 Carbon 1,610g £1,062.81
R3 Carbon Disc 1,630g £1,062.81


Pacenti wheels

Revitalised by new ownership, the brand that popularised 650B wheels has a new range of road and gravel wheels.

Model Weight Price
Brevet 700C rim brake 1,665g £349.99
Brevet 650B rim brake 1,540g £349.99
Forza 700C rim brake 1,600g £350.00
Forza 700C disc brake 1,710g £399.00
Forza 650B disc brake NA £399.00
Forza-C 30mm 700C disc brake 1,455g £899.99
Forza-C 30mm 700C disc brake dynamo 1,570g £1,150.00
Carbon 50 700C rim brake 1,570g £1,049.99
Carbon 30 700C rim brake 1,390g £999.99


Parcours Grimpeur wheelset.jpg

Parcours has a four-wheel range, tightly focused on going fast.

Read our review of the Parcours Grimpeur wheelset

Model Weight Price
Grimpeur 1,465g £749.00
Passista 1,650g £819.00
Chrono 1,800g £889.00
Disc (rear only) 1,350g £859.00


Prime Road Race alloy wheelset - decal.jpg

A component brand backed by the mighty buying power of Chain Reaction Cycles, Prime has a range of tubeless-compatible wheels ranging from workaday alloy wheels at £150/pair to aero carbon wheels at around £1,300. They've all come down in price since launch and some are now exceptionally good value; carbon wheels for around £500 is hard to beat.

Read our review of the Prime Race Road Alloy wheels

Model Weight Price
Peloton V2 Disc 2018 1,908g £134.99
Peloton V2 2018 1,721g £134.99
Race Disc 1,640g £199.99
Race 1,530g £174.99
Pro Disc 1,450g £314.99
RR-28 Carbon Disc 1,634g £402.49
RR-28 V2 Carbon 1,477g £584.99
RR-28 V2 Carbon Disc 1,648g £584.99
RR-38 V2 Carbon 1,548g £504.99
RR-38 V2 Carbon Disc 1,728g £607.49
RR-50 SE Carbon 1,607g NA
RR-50 V2 Carbon 1,607g £524.99
RR-50 V2 Carbon Disc 1,808g £629.99
BlackEdition 28 Carbon 1,395g £749.99
BlackEdition 28 Carbon Disc 1,529g £749.99
BlackEdition 38 Carbon 1,429g NA
BlackEdition 38 Carbon Disc 1,563g £789.99
BlackEdition 50 Carbon 1,580g NA
BlackEdition 50 Carbon Disc 1,624g £824.99
BlackEdition 60 Carbon Disc Front 807g £414.99
BlackEdition 60 Carbon Disc Rear 950g £449.99
BlackEdition 60 Carbon Front 744g £414.99
BlackEdition 60 Carbon Rear 927g £449.99
BlackEdition 85 Carbon Disc Front 885g £489.99
BlackEdition 85 Carbon Disc Rear 1,060g £559.99
BlackEdition 85 Carbon Front 861g £489.99
BlackEdition 85 Carbon Rear 1,028g £599.99

Pro Lite

Pro-Lite Bortola A21 wheelset - rim

Pro Lite has a big range of tubeless wheels, with at least seven models, but we've only been able to find a UK source for one of them the light but sensibly priced Bortola A21W.

Read our review of the Pro-Lite Bortola A21 wheels
Find a Pro Lite dealer

Model Weight Price
Bortola A21W 1,425g £272.99



Acclaimed US carbon fibre specialist Reynolds has one of the larger ranges of tubeless-ready wheels, with an aluminium-rimmed wheelset kicking the range off.

Model Weight Price
Assault / Strike C 1,475g £1,169.99
Assault Disc 1,590g £999.00
ATR X 650B 1,550g £1,105.00
ATR X 1,620g £1,105.00
AR 29 1,455g £1,100.00
AR 29 Disc 1,520g £1,100.00
AR 41 1,545g £1,100.00
AR 41 Disc 1,525g £1,100.00
AR 58 1,525g £1,100.00
AR 58/62 Disc 1,525g £1,100.00
Aero 46 Disc 1,525g £1,350.00
Aero 80 1,797g £1,934.99
Aero 65 Disc 1,600g £1,934.99
Aero 65 1,590g £1,934.99


Ritchey Classic Zeta wheelset.jpg

Ritchey has a six-wheel tubeless line-up, comprising three Zeta models with aluminium rims and three WCS Apex models with carbon fibre rims. The tyre mounting tech may be bang up to date, but Ritchey has emphasised old-school reliability and durability with features like J-bend spokes and brass nipples.

Model Weight Price
Classic Zeta 1,444g £435.99
WCS Zeta Disc 1,560g ~£540.00
WCS Zeta 1,444g ~£520.00
WCS Apex 38 1,747g £1,307.00
WCS Apex 38 Disc 1,735g £1,169.00
WCS Apex 50 1,520g £1,259.00


Specialized Roval CLX 50 DISC Wheelset.jpg

Part of the mighty Specialized empire, Roval offers a full range of tubeless-compatible wheels, or 2Bliss in Specialized-speak. Even the 321 disc wheel (that's disc as in aerodynamic rather than disc brake) takes tubeless tyres.

Model Weight Price
321 1,005g £2,000.00
321 Disc Brake 1,015g £2,000.00
CL 50 1,465g £1,550.00
CL 50 Disc Brake 1,515g £1,550.00
CLX 50 Disc Brake (Read review) 1,415g £1,848.00
CLX 64 1,545g R:£1,200.00 / F:£800.00
CLX 64 Disc Brake 1,615g R:£1,200.00 / F:£800.00
CLX 32 1,280g R:£1,150.00 / F:£750.00
CLX 32 Disc Brake 1,350g R:£1,150.00 / F:£750.00
SLX 24 1,495g £650.00
SLX 24 Disc Brake 1,515g £650.00
CLX 32 Disc Brake 650B (Read review) 1,290g £1,900.00
C38 1,560g £1,000.00


Shimano WH-6800 wheelset.jpg

Despite partnering with tyre maker Hutchinson to develop tubeless tyres for the road in the early 2000s, Shimano hasn't gone all in, and just offers four models. They're good value, though with the Ultegra model wheels a particular bargain at the time of writing.

Read our review of the Shimano WH-6800 Ultegra wheels
Find a Shimano dealer

Model Weight Price
Ultegra RS500 1,649g £342.99
RS610 Tubeless Road 1,791g NA
Dura Ace R9170 C40 Carbon Road Disc 1,320g £1,532.88
RX830 Road Disc 1,860g £614.99

Stan's No Tubes

Stans NoTubes Alpha 340 Wheelset

Tubeless pioneer and sealant maker Stan's NoTubes was quick to get on board when tubeless tech crossed over from mountain bikes to the road. Stan's claims the Bead Socket Technology used in its rims gives a more secure seal between tire and rim and a proper tire profile for lower pressures, faster cornering and less rolling resistance.

Read our review of the Stan's NoTubes Alpha 340 wheels
Find a Stan's No Tubes dealer

Model Weight Price
Avion Team Disc G2 1,610g £1,550.00
Avion Pro Disc G2 1,520g £1,950.00



Token specialises in nicely-finished components at sensible prices and its range of tubeless-ready wheels keeps right on that track.

Model Weight Price
RoubX Prime Carbon All-Road 1,494g £949.99
Ventous Prime Carbon Disc Road (Read review) 1,404g £776.99
Konax Zenith Pro Carbon Road 1,452g £1,399.99
Konax Pro Disc Road 1,514g £1,199.99
Ventous Zenith Carbon Road  1,342g £1,299.99
Resolute C45R Carbon Road 1,511g £569.99
G23AR 1,506g £499.99


Velocite RT50 tubeless carbon wheelset - rim

This Taiwanese carbon fibre specialist offers a range of keenly priced carbon wheels and an aluminium-rimmed model, all ready for tubeless tyres with the right rim strip and sealant.

Read our review of the Velocite RT50 wheels

Model Weight Price
Gram Aero alloy 1,598g £527.75
Venn Rev 35 TCD 1,460g £678.75
Venn Alter 44 TCD 1,500g £716.50
RT50 Aero 1,660g £829.75



The wheels and triathlon arm of component maker FSA has been quietly introducing tubeless wheels to its range over the last year or so.

Model Weight Price
Trimax 25 KB 1,420g ~£540.00
Trimax 30 KB 1,495g £569.46
Metron 3-spoke TLR 1,800g £2,249.95
Metron 30 SL Disc 1,510g £1,849.95
Team 30 Disc 1,920g £269.95
Trimax 30 1,550g £326.80
Metron 30 SL 1,400g £1,799.95
Metron 55 SL Disc 1,690g £1,799.95


Zipp 30 Course Disc-brake Clincher wheels tight.jpg

Famous for aero wheels, Zipp only recently made the leap into tubeless wheels with two models of aluminium-rimmed wheels, one for disc brakes, and one for rim brakes. It's bang up to date with a 25mm rim (external width) and there's an optional SRAM XD freehub body so you can fit a 10-42 cassette if you want to use a single-ring gear system.

In 2017 Zipp announced a tubeless, disc-compatible version of the 303 carbon clincher wheels.

Read our review of the Zipp 30 Course Disc wheels

Model Weight Price
30 Course Disc 1,650g £680.00
30 Course 1,570g £599.00
303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Tubeless Disc 1,645g £1,808.80
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