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41 of the best disc brake road wheelsets - compare wheels for disc brake bikes

Faster, lighter and tougher upgrade options

If you want to change the wheels on your disc brake road bike, here are the best disc brake wheels from under £300 to over £3,000.

  • Aluminium or carbon fibre? That's your basic choice of rim material, and with carbon-rimmed wheels now starting at just £600 it's no longer a cut-and-dried decision based on cost

  • All the wheels here are tubeless-ready, though some have limitations on exactly which tyres you can use; it pays to read the small print

  • In theory rims of disc brake wheels could be lighter than rims that have a braking surface; in practice wheel makers seem to have used the 'spare' material to make rims more robust

  • You'll have to choose between the two major disc rotor attachment systems, six-bolt, which attaches the rotor with, er, six bolts, and Shimano's Center Lock which uses a lockring

41 of the best disc brake wheels for 2021

Your stock wheels might have worn out, perhaps you want a second pair of wheels/tyres setup for a different kind of road surface, or maybe you just fancy an upgrade. The wheels shown here are the ones that have impressed reviewers most over the past couple of years. They've all scored either 4.5 out of 5 overall in testing or 9/10 for performance so you can be sure that they're the real deal.

Read everything you need to know about disc brakes

If you're interested in any particular disc brake wheelset, we've included a link to our original review where you'll find all the details you need to make your buying decision. We've also included a link to help you find a local dealer for each brand, while clicking on the product name will take you direct to an online retailer.

Axle compatibility

Most rim brake wheels attach to your bike with quick release skewers, but things are more complicated in the disc brake world. Some disc brake bikes use quick releases and traditional-style open-ended dropouts, but others use thru axles. This is where the dropouts are closed, an axle passing into a hole on one side of the frame/fork, through the wheel hub and screwing into a threaded hole (usually) on the other side of the frame/fork.

Most of today's road bikes that use thru axles take 12x100mm at the front (the diameter is 12mm, the distance between the dropouts is 100mm) and 12x142mm at the rear. However, some disc brake bikes take 15mm thru axles (or even 9mm thru axles) and some have a 135mm rear spacing, although this is uncommon.

The same wheels can usually be made to fit different bikes through the use of axle adapters. The Hunt Superdura Dynamo Disc Wheelset (below), for example, will work with both quick release skewers and 12mm thru axles (and less common configurations).

Just make sure that you get the right adapters in order to replace like with like.

Center Lock or 6-bolt?

There are two different standards for fixing disc brake rotors to wheels: Shimano's Center Lock and 6-bolt. If you have a preference for one system, make sure the wheels are compatible (or be prepared to buy an adapter).

Let's dive in.

41 of the best disc brake wheels

Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Tubeless Disc Brake wheelset — £1,515.00

2021 Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Tubeless Disc-brake wheelset.jpg

The Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Tubeless Disc Brake wheels have been on a serious diet. Not only have they dropped to a competitive weight for a 58mm deep wheelset, they've also dropped £800 over to the previous iteration. The performance is excellent, they're quick and stiff but the hookless rims do (for now) limit tyre choice.

Tester Jamie writes: ”The 404s are seriously impressive. They've gone a long way to convince me of the benefits of hookless design, and the weight savings and price drop are undeniable. While limited now, tyre choice should continue to improve as more and more tyre manufacturers get on board, too. They're stiff and light enough for me to knock out some PR climbing performances, aero enough for a TT, and handle surprisingly well considering their 58mm depth.

“Lighter, faster and cheaper, the new 404s are excellent allrounders – so long as you're prepared to go hookless.”

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Black Inc Twenty wheelset — £1,833.33

2021 Black Inc TWENTY wheelset.jpg

Black Inc's Twenty wheelset delivers stiffness that belies its unbelievable weight, or lack of, and the overall build quality and finish is exceptional. The price may look steep, but they're still competitive when it comes to value.

Tester Stu writes: “As a larger, powerful rider, going sub-1,500g on wheels usually sees me be able to get a fair amount of lateral flex, especially at the rear. But despite this set weighing just 1,230g, verified by the Scales of Truth – and 10g lighter than Black Inc claims – there's no flex or give here.

“Overall, the Black Inc Twentys are a really classy set of wheels. The build quality is excellent, stiffness is awesome and the way they respond just makes you want to keep jumping on the pedals and out of the saddle. They aren't cheap, but they're worth the outlay, especially if you are after that tubeless compatibility.”

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Ere Research Tenaci GR20 wheelset — £399.99

2021 ERE Research Tenaci GR20

Suppose you want performance wheels for a gravel bike at a reasonable price. In that case, the Ere Research Tenaci GR20 wheelset delivers a good blend of weight, stiffness and strength with a wide internal rim profile suitable for wider gravel tyres.

Tester Matt writes: “I have been using these wheels in all conditions, covering big distances, on everything from roads to smooth forest tracks and trails, to rougher byways, as well as some red-graded mountain bike trails. The wheels feel agile and direct, and when riding down rough, rocky descents, they have been stable with no lateral flex noticeable, helping keep a straight and direct line when needed. Reliability has been faultless throughout testing, with no problems at all. The bearings have remained smooth, and the freehub continues to engage securely, even under high power efforts.

“For riders looking for a lighter, gravel-specific build wheelset with a performance angle, the lower weight of the Tenaci GR20 wheelset may be appealing as, for the money, they will be among the lightest. The broad rim also allows easy tubeless setup, although the lack of tubeless valves is disappointing. Performance is impressive, though, this wheelset remaining stiff under acceleration and on rougher descents. However, riders looking to use them year-round in typically British conditions may be wary that they are built with less durable alloy spoke nipples. With a choice of six colour accents, you’re sure to find one to match your bike.”

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Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 45 Disc Brake wheelset — £2,448.49

2021 Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 45 DB wheelset.jpg

The Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO 45 Disc Brake wheelset boasts a combination of decently low weight, excellent stiffness and good rolling speed that makes them the ideal option for a mix of road terrain.

Tester Liam writes: “It's on the climbs where the Bora Ultras really shine. My favourite thing to do is fast climbs – ones where the gradient hovers at around 6%. Here, the wheels roll effortlessly, and should you fancy clicking up a few gears to give it the beans on the final stretch, the wheels respond with instant acceleration. Those hills often lead to a descent, and again I found the Bora Ultras to be brilliant. You can really throw the bike through tight corners, and a quick transfer between bends just brings more fun.”

“These wheels are stiff and that is great if you're looking to do a bit of sprinting or any sort of acceleration. I've been using these for a few weeks of circuit races and, while I have no results to write home about, the wheels are impressive both out of dead turns and when trying to get clear of the bunch. One thing that the high stiffness also brings is extra feedback from the road. I would say that the Bora Ultra WTO 45s are borderline harsh, but a lot will depend on the roads you ride, the tyres you install and the pressures you run. The bottom line is that these are road race wheels and aren't the best option for comfort.”

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Spinergy GX MAX Gravel wheelset — £829.00

2021 Spinergy GX MAX 650 Pair 2_0

The Spinergy GX MAX Wheels are light, tough aluminium wheels that play nicely with wide tyres and are super easy to set up tubeless. The fat PBO spokes still stand out but less evident in this tasteful colourway. They're good looking, tubeless-friendly, hard-hitting, gravel adventure wheels that, as a bonus, could also work on your mountain bike.

Tester Patrick writes: “Whatever I have ridden down, along, or up, the wheels have performed faultlessly. Give it a bit of rough gravel singletrack and the decent width tyre of the Halo GXC at 47mm, to Schwalbe's G-One Allround 57mm (2.25"), and you barrel along with a wicked smile on your face. The extra width of the rim supports large tyres and allows you to lower your pressure to the point where grip is fantastic, and you can winch your way up silly stuff with little risk of burping when you push hard on the trails. Put a bit more air in and the comfort provided on the smooth gravel or road is fantastic.

“If you are looking for a set of wide, light, strong, good-looking wheels for your gravel (and mountain bike) that can be specced to stand out, or blend in, then these GX MAX are well worth a look.”

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BORG31 Disc Wheelset — £540.80

2021 BORG31 Disc brake wheelset.jpg

The BORG31 Disc wheelset is handbuilt to deal with multiple disciplines of riding and covering 'huge mileage without the need for servicing'. The weight weenies may scoff, but these wheels offer good overall performance, excellent stiffness and will take an absolute battering without flinching.

On the flat, the 31mm-deep alloy rim gives a small amount of an aerodynamic gain over a basic box section rim, but by far the biggest positive is just how stiff they are. The moment you stamp on the pedals, they just go. They feel tight, like nothing is being wasted at all, and that helps them feel lighter than their 1,720g weight might suggest.

The BORG31s are a quality set of wheels, there is no doubt about it. While they might not look massively exciting, the combination of quality components and the skill of a wheelbuilder who obviously knows what they are doing means these are an absolute joy to ride. Okay, they aren't the lightest or fastest, but they aren't designed to be. If you want a set of wheels you can bung on your road bike, wet or dry, or stick on your CX or gravel bike without caring about the abuse you are about to give them, this is the wheelset for you.

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Scribe Carbon Gravel Wide++ 700 Disc Wheelset — £870.00


The Scribe Carbon Wide++ 700 Disc Wheel set is a super-fast setup that's incredibly light, responsive and quick to engage. The performance matches or beats wheels at twice the price, and as an overall package it's hard to fault.

At 1,360g (including rim tape and tubeless valves), these wheels are very light, and all the tyres we tried fitted easily and blew up tubeless without any sweat. The 25mm internal width means that tyres inflate broader and squarer, giving plenty of support and allowing pressures to be dropped lower for better grip.

The ride quality is a good balance between comfort and performance, with stiffness that surpasses the majority of other wheels and certainly the majority of alloy wheels. Hit the hills and these light wheels sail up, with the stiffness helping you get the power down. On rough tracks the little bit of flex and comfort is also impressive, holding the line well but giving just enough to track well – instead of pinball – through the rocks.

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Princeton CarbonWorks Wake 6560 Disc Tune Wheelset — £3,199.00

2021 Princeton Wake 6560 Discbrake Wheelset.jpg

The Princeton CarbonWorks Wake 6560 wheelset looks quirky, but it delivers on performance, handling... well, pretty much everything really. It just comes down to whether you can justify the price.

Tester Stu writes: “The Wakes are surprisingly easy to live with in all kinds of conditions, making them suitable for more than just time trials or triathlons. Their weight of 1,540g is impressive for such a deep wheelset, which means that they climb well, so you're getting a boost on the way up and the aero advantage on the way down.”

“The Wakes are an impressive set of wheels. Deep-section rims that behave themselves, allowing anyone to exploit them not just racers, and you don't have to stay away from the climbs either. It is a big outlay, but they will make your riding very enjoyable and will just absorb the miles without issue”

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Edco Gravel wheelset — £950.00

Edco Gravel Wheels 1.JPG

Edco has veered off-road with its latest wheelset, the Gravel. It's an excellent choice if you want a lightweight wheelset that'll take a heap of abuse, and it achieves that while still coming in at a relatively budget price point.

The catchily named Gravel wheelset uses a 34mm deep carbon fibre rim which is 31mm wide externally and 25mm internally, which makes it ideal for using with the fat gravel tyres that are entering the market.

Edco has gone for a hookless rim, which means it basically does away with the bead hook that the tyre would normally locate beneath to stop it blowing off the rim under pressure. Tubeless-specific tyres have a stiffer bead, which means they don't require the bead hook of the rim, relying instead on the tight interface between tyre and wheel to remain in place. Obviously, tyre and wheel tolerances aren't always compatible, but I've ridden plenty of hookless rims both on and off the road and never had any issues.

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Scribe Gravel Wide++ Disc — £330.00

2021 Scribe Gravel Wide++ Disc wheels

The Gravel Wide++ is an alloy wheelset with a generous 25mm internal rim well suited to wider gravel tyres. They're not the lightest out there, but they offer good all round performance, instant engagement and are cheaper than most comparable wheelsets.

With some alloy wheels and especially lighter ones, flex can be an issue under hard accelerations or in rocky terrain, but the Wide++ feel stable and secure, climbing and descending rough tracks well.

As a tough, versatile and well designed set of wheels, the Wide++ from Scribe hit the spot. They include everything you need, have most of the key options covered and beat almost all the competition on price – so long as you can cope with a rather noisy freehub, there is little to fault.

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Corima G30.5 Carbon Gravel Wheelset — £2,010.00

2020 Corima G30-5 30.5MM 28-inch tubeless ready carbon gravel wheels.jpg

'The new benchmark for gravel wheel design and performance.' Big claims from Corima regarding its new G30.5 Carbon Gravel Wheelset, but arguably justifiable. While these wheels don't challenge the competitors massively on weight, they do offer very impressive stiffness while having a ride feel that doesn't shake your fillings out.

To get to my local gravel playground I have a couple of miles of road to cover first, with pretty much all of it uphill. It's flippin' steep in places too, which requires a bit of out of the saddle climbing. This showed straight away how impressively stiff the G30.5s are. If you are more of a performance graveller rather than an adventure tourer you are really going to appreciate just how well the Corimas deliver the power down to the road or trail.

After that first stretch of road heading for the gravel, as delighted as I was with the stiffness, I did have my concerns over what the comfort levels were going to be like when I hit the trails.

There was no harshness at all. You still know that you are aboard a stiff, carbon fibre wheelset, and the tyres are taking out the majority of the vibrations, but compared with a like-for-like setup the Corimas just take the edge off a little more.

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DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT 50 DB — £2,299.98

2020 DT Swiss ARC 1100 Dicut 50 DB 2.jpg

This latest version of DT Swiss' ARC 1100 DICUT 50 DB wheelset comes with a redesigned rim for improved aerodynamics and performance. With an impressively low weight for deep section carbon wheels, these things absolutely fly, and they're incredibly stiff too.

Out on the road these wheels feel absolutely great. They're really responsive thanks to huge lateral stiffness and a weight of just 1,468g.
As you can imagine, that weight means they're quick off the mark and don't require much of a shove to get them spinning. Maintaining speed is relatively easy over a heavy wheelset, too, which makes them impressively efficient over undulating terrain.

Once above 20mph, you notice the aero benefits. These wheels just sing along, and are noticeably unaffected by crosswinds. The test period has seen some windy, blustery days and I haven't felt the slightest twitch from the front wheel anywhere.

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Swiss Side Hadron2 Ultimate 625 Disc — £1,920.00

2020 Swiss Side Hadron 2 Ultimate 625 wheelset 2.jpg

When we say wheels are the best bang-for-buck upgrade you can get, it's because of the performance gains delivered by hoops such as this, the Swiss Side Hadron2 Ultimate 625 Disc Brake wheelset. These wheels are exceptionally fast, stiff and virtually unaffected by crosswinds.

Their new 62.5mm-deep rim is said to reduce aero drag by between 10% and 20% across the range (50mm and 80mm depths are also available), and steering moment is reduced by 26% to increase stability in varying wind angles.

Apart from the speed, that stability is the stand-out bonus of these wheels compared to many others. I spent years time-trialling on some very fast courses around southern England and in Wales on a range of deep-section wheelsets, and I've never known one as competent at dealing with crosswinds as this.

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Roval Alpinist CLX wheels — £1,850.00

2020 Roval Alpinist CLX wheelset.jpg

Roval's Alpinist CLX wheels are light, stiff and perfect for the climbers. The low rim height still offers good rolling speed on the flat and the profile of the rim mates well to 26mm tyres. However, the lack of tubeless compatibility will be a massive issue for some.

As you might expect, this 33mm-deep carbon wheelset is light, tipping our scales at a scant 1,250g with the rim tape installed. I used the Alpinist CLX on my S-Works Venge and the Merida Reacto that I've been testing. Both times, the bikes were noticeably faster to accelerate, and the Merida in particular became a great climber.

Climbing is where the wheels really excel and I have been loving (possibly not the best word) smashing some of my local climbs. The wheels are stiff enough to transfer the power when you really want to kick on the steeper pitches, and I found them perfect for these high-powered efforts, with no discernible flex.

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Pacenti Picco 46mm Disc Clincher Wheels — £1,199.00

2020 Pacenti Picco 46mm Disc Clincher Wheels 700C.jpg

The Pacenti Picco 46mm Disc Clincher wheelset doesn't just focus on weight or aerodynamics – it delivers on those, but without sacrificing stiffness and, above all else, durability. These are proper all-rounders, quick on the flat, no slouch on the hills, and should you find yourself off the beaten track they'll take plenty of abuse.

The 46mm-deep rounded profile rim has been optimised to work with 28mm road tyres, thanks to its 24mm internal width and the fact that it is 29.6mm at its widest external point – which is about a third of the way down the rim for better aerodynamics.

Out on the road there are some noticeable aero benefits – for a wheel that isn't massively deep it still flies along once you are travelling along in the low to mid-20s mph, a real sweet spot that you can find on the best wheels and frames, where you just don't feel as though you need to put in much more effort than you were at 17-18mph.

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Roval Rapide CLX — £2,200.00

2020 Roval Rapide CLX wheelset.jpg

The Roval Rapide CLX sets out to be the fastest wheelset in the real world, and is so committed to weight and aero optimisation it forgoes tubeless compatibility. That will certainly divide opinion, but there's little doubt the result is a stupidly fast wheelset that balances the aero benefits of deep rims and the weight savings and improved handling of far shallower wheels.

Roval has pedigree in fast wheels: their CLX 64 has dominated time trials, the CLX 32s took Alaphillippe to a Polka Dot jersey and the CLX 50 is frequently found on stage-winning bikes. The new Rapide CLX wheelset aims to squash all their best traits into one wheelset to do everything fast, and combines a 51mm deep front with a 60mm rear for the aero of a deep wheelset without losing controllability when the wind picks up.

The front rim is a whopping 35mm wide. Roval says the width makes the Rapides to be more stable, and claims a 25% improvement in gusting wind over the old CLX 50. As the CLX 50 has been my wheelset of choice for the past two years, I was eager to test these claims. I didn't have to wait long to find out, as even my first ride was positively blustery and yet I'm not having to write this from a ditch. The Rapides aren't just impressive for their depth, but impressive full stop.

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Parcours Strade wheelset — £1,049.00

Parcours Strade wheelset -1.jpg

The Strade is the first wheelset from Parcours that has been designed fully in-house, and it's a very impressive one. They handle well in all conditions, the aero data seems to stack up, and they're bang on trend by being disc brake only, tubeless-ready and optimised for 28mm tyres. For their sub-£1,000 price tag, I couldn't really have asked for more from them over the test period.

While many carbon wheels you'll find for under a grand will use a rim profile that is widely available for any company to use and badge up as their own (known as open mould), Parcours says the Strade was the result of a year-long research and development project in partnership with Nottingham Trent University, involving CFD analysis and extensive wind tunnel testing.

Out on the road, the stability was evident straight away and I was really impressed with their performance in crosswinds. It seems like we've had a particularly blustery spring and summer this year, and I felt completely confident running the Strade wheels no matter what the weather was doing, not once sensing that handling was compromised.

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Hunt Hunt 48 Limitless Aero Disc Wheelset — £1,299.00

2020 Hunt 48 Limitless Aero Disc Wheelset.jpg

Hunt says its 48 Limitless Aero Disc wheels are the fastest disc brake-compatible road wheels up to and including 50mm deep, thanks to its patented Limitless technology. Going wide is the key apparently, and going by the way they perform out in the real world, Hunt could really be on to something. These wheels are quick!

Compared with a lot of 40mm to 50mm-deep wheels I've used, the Hunts make the bike feel like it doesn't need as much power to maintain a given speed, especially when that speed is around 20-25mph.

They roll very nicely, and the rounded profile of the rim doesn't get battered around by crosswinds or when being passed by large vehicles at speed. The only time I got a bit of a twitch was when passing an exposed gateway on a blustery day.

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Scribe Race-D wheelset — £370.00

2020 Scribe Race-D wheelset.jpg

The Scribe Race-D wheelset proves that aluminium still has a place in cycling components; weighing in at just 1479g, it could easily be mistaken for a much more expensive wheelset. The wheels feature a 'modern' 19mm internal width and are tubeless-ready out the box, which happens to include tubeless valves, spare spokes and all the adaptors you could ever need. Overall, it's a very impressive package from Scribe and a great set of wheels for upgrading heavy stock wheels or for year-round training.

Out on the road the Scribes feel stiff and spin up nicely, and after accidentally finding myself plummeting into several caverns – sorry, potholes – it's nice to see them still spinning true, and that stiffness or durability hasn't been sacrificed in the name of weight saving.

I've been asked multiple times if the wheels are carbon and it's an easy mistake to make especially if you pick up the bike they're on. Their 1,479g claimed weight (1,546g on our scales, with tape) is really competitive at this price point, and the lack of braking surfaces makes them look deeper than they actually are.

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Scribe Aero Wide+ 50-D Wheelset — £870.00

2020 Scribe Aero Wide+ 50-D Wheelset.jpg

The new Scribe Aero Wide+ 50-D Carbon Disc wheelset offers pretty much everything you could require from a fast road wheelset: impressive aerodynamics, low weight, lots of stiffness and plenty of durability, all while coming in way under the £1,000 mark.

I tested the Aero Wide 50-D wheelset about a year ago and was very impressed, but things don't stand still for long, especially in the world of aerodynamics. The Wide 50-Ds are still available, but if you really want to go Wider then this Wide+ option increases the internal rim width by 2mm to 21mm, and the external by 4mm up to 30mm.

Overall, the Aero Wide+ 50-D wheelset brings a noticeable difference to aerodynamics over many narrower carbon fibre wheels, and, more importantly, at the speeds you are likely to find yourself riding in the real world. The fact that this has been achieved while keeping the weight and price down but the stiffness up, is great news.

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Campagnolo Bora WTO 60 Disc wheelset — £1,687.00

2020 Campagnolo Bora WTO 60 Disc wheels.jpg

The Campagnolo Bora WTO 60 Disc wheels are superfast, superb to ride and superbly expensive. Despite the rim depth, they handle very well and are well behaved in windy conditions. An exceptionally good race wheelset.

If you've got two grand to spend on fancy deep-section wheels then these are well worth considering. They're as fast as they look, have Campagnolo's excellent 2-way fit technology, keep the weight down and are predictable in the wind.

The majority of my time on the WTO 60s has been spent on my Specialized Venge, an aero race bike. These wheels are a perfect fit and while it's not all about the looks, they do also look brilliant.

Thankfully, the performance is more than skin deep. The WTO 60s accelerate brilliantly and are perfectly happy to sit above 40kph. Racing is currently off, so the hardest that I've ridden them has been on some socially-distanced group rides and when chasing KOMs. The wheels have been excellent for this fast-paced riding and I'm confident that when racing starts again they'll be perfect for some flat circuits.

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Hunt 4050 Carbon Aero Disc wheelset — £869.00

2020 Hunt 4050 Carbon Aero Disc wheelset.jpg

The Hunt 4050 Carbon Aero Disca are great all-round performance wheels. They deliver a bit of an aerodynamic boost, they're very low weight and durability seems very good, all for what is a very good price. Their width also makes them compatible with a wide range of tyres.

The 4050 wheels have a 40mm-deep front rim and a 50mm rear. If your main goal is speed then going deeper gives you better aerodynamics, but the downside can be added weight and twitchy handling in blustery winds. These wheels provide more of a balance across a load of disciplines. When tyres are fitted, even the 40mm front does enough to cheat the air, but riding past a farm gateway won't see the handlebar snatched out of your hands on windy days.

Overall, Hunt has delivered a wheelset that works for pretty much every road discipline, but especially for those rides where you want a blend of speed and also a lack of weight for when you take to the hills. The build quality is top notch, and with all of those things taken into account I can't do anything else other than recommend them.

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Prime Baroudeur Road Disc wheelset — £249.99

Prime Baroudeur Road Disc wheelset.jpg

Prime's Baroudeur Road Disc Wheels provide exceptional value with great performance matching a solid build quality that makes these brilliant everyday wheels. They're easy to set up tubeless, come with everything to get you going and can be used for road, cyclo-cross and gravel riding. They're a brilliant upgrade if you've got cheap stock wheels.

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DT Swiss G 1800 Spline 25 wheelset — £299.00

DT Swiss G1800 Spline Gravel wheels-1

The DT Swiss G 1800 Spline 25 is a bargain gravel wheelset with decent performance and premium looks. The hub has a slow pick up and the set is not especially light, but £350 for a disc-compatible, aero-spoked, thru-axle set of wheels with rims good for 42mm tyres is pretty compelling.

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Zipp 303S wheelset — £886.49

Zipp 303S wheels.jpg

Zipp was an early pioneer of the carbon cycling wheelset, and in launching the 303S wheelset has shaken up the road and all-road wheel market with new technologies, high performance, a lifetime warranty and a price that you wouldn't expect.

The 303S wheelset uses some firsts for Zipp, including tubeless compatibility using straight-sided rim walls, also known as hookless. These might be a one-off, but are more likely a first step with more wheelsets within the Zipp range to follow with similar technology over the coming months.

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Prime Kanza 650B Carbon Gravel Wheels — £549.99


Prime has created a tough yet lightweight package with its Kanza 650B Carbon Gravel wheels. The wide rims make fitting larger tyres a breeze and they stand up to a lot of abuse on the trails. At under 1,600g they are responsive too, and you certainly can't complain about the price.

A lot of gravel bikes are coming with the smaller diameter 650B wheels these days, over the more standard 700C, or at least have framesets designed to work with them, and if you are looking for an upgrade then these Kanza wheels are a great place to start.

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Just Riding Along Mahi Mahi 40 wheels — £830.00

Just Riding Along Mahi Mahi 40 wheelset .jpg

The Just Riding Along Mahi Mahi 40 carbon disc wheels aim to be a do-it-all choice. They're very light and stiff, with a 40mm rim depth to help make them fast as well. You would expect this to come at a cost, and while the £850 rrp certainly doesn't make them cheap, they're more affordable than most of the competition, and offer extra customisation as well.

The overwhelming initial impression is how responsive and laterally stiff the wheelset feels under acceleration, making starts at traffic lights and junctions all the more enjoyable. The stiffness on offer is particularly impressive given the low weight.

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Hunt 4 Season Gravel Disc X-Wide Wheelset — £369.00

Hunt 4 Season Gravel Disc X-Wide Wheelset.jpg

If you ride a lot on gravel tracks and trails you want a wheelset that can take plenty of abuse, and these Hunt 4 Season Gravel Disc X-Wide wheels fit that bill brilliantly. They're solid, dependable and lovely wheels to ride, and with their wide rim bed they work perfectly with wider gravel tyres.

You might have read Mike's glowing review of the Hunt 35 Carbon Gravel Disc X-Wide wheels and thought, 'I wonder if they do something a bit cheaper to suit my budget?' Well, the wheels you see here are pretty much an aluminium alloy version.

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Enve G23 wheelset — £3,050.00

Hunt 30 Carbon Aero Disc Road Wheelset.jpg

Think carbon fibre wheels and it's highly likely Enve is one of the first brand names that springs to mind. The US company knows carbon wheels and has put all its expertise into its first dedicated gravel design, these G23 wheels. They provide phenomenal performance, low weight and impressive durability, but you'll max out your credit card to purchase them.

The performance of these disc brake wheels is highly impressive. They're ridiculously light, bloody tough and with a hint of damping that makes them ride like a dream.

But the price makes them the stuff of dreams, too. It does reflect the US production and investment by Enve, and the lifetime warranty, but there is no shortage of good wheels on the market at much cheaper prices.

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Hunt 33 Carbon Aero Disc Road Wheelset — £859.00

Hunt 30 Carbon Aero Disc Road Wheelset.jpg

The 33 Carbon Aero Disc wheelset from UK brand Hunt is unbelievably light, which really benefits climbing and acceleration, especially because achieving that weight hasn't meant any loss in lateral stiffness. These are seriously good wheels at a very good price.

At just 1,347g they feel light and responsive whatever the terrain, but it's most notable when you are in the hills. Attack a climb out of the saddle and they'll make the whole bike surge forward as if it weighs nothing, also helped by the instant engagement of the multi-point pawls in as little as 7.5 degrees.

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Mason X Hunt 4 Season Disc Wheelset — £379.00

Hunt Mason X Hunt4 Season Disc Wheelset.jpg

Back in 2015 Stu rated the Mason Resolution featuring the first 17mm-internal-width incarnation of the collaboratively designed Mason x Hunt 4 Season Disc wheelset. He found that 'stiffness is high, you can really notice that when sprinting or climbing out of the saddle yet they don't feel harsh in any conditions'. The second incarnation is also a cracking buy.

At launch in 2015, the Mason X Hunt 4 Season wheels were £349. The 2019 update brings the width out to 19mm, allowing wider tyres and the multiple benefits thereof, for a price of £329. That's about a £55 reduction allowing for 2015-2019 inflation – not bad for a product that's only improved technically.

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Hunt 35 Carbon Gravel Disc X-Wide wheels — £879.00

Hunt 35 Carbon Gravel Disc X-Wide.jpg

The Hunt 35 Carbon Gravel Disc X-Wide are the UK brand's flagship gravel wheelset. The step up to 23mm internal rim width sets them up for the new breed of mega-wide-clearance allroad bikes – and the adaptable hubs mean your investment now is almost guaranteed to fit any future bike purchase.

The main reason for getting the X-Wides is the super-wide 23mm rim bed, backed up by a few square acres of carbon chunkiness to keep things in one piece. There's a great deal of comfort to be had from the rim profile when you're bombing about taking drop bars where no sane person would consider sensible or even possible. Everything about the X-Wides murmurs 'Find Your Limits', and it didn't take  long to trust that they were more than up to the job.

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Scribe Aero Wide 50-D wheels — £870

Scribe Aero Wide 50-D.jpg

The Scribe Aero Wide 50-D carbon disc wheels are all about speed according to the manufacturer, and they don't disappoint. Matching a wind-cheating 50mm-deep rim to smooth-running hubs, an instantaneous freehub engagement and plenty of stiffness makes for a set of wheels that delivers for those who want to put the hammer down. The impressive weight and a sensible price finalise the deal.

A wheel weight of 1,449g (1,438g claimed) is impressive full stop, but when you consider that's including a wide and deep carbon fibre rim, plus the extra spokes needed for a disc build, it is truly awesome and something you really notice when fitting them to your bike.

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Pacenti Forza-C 30mm Disc Clincher wheels — £899.99

Pacenti Forza-C 30mm Disc Clincher wheels.jpg

The Pacenti Forza-C 30mm Disc Clincher wheels are a new design from the ground up and they are absolutely lovely. You can feel the quality of the build as soon as you start riding, and their stiffness is impressive considering their very svelte 1,378g weight. Pacenti hasn't even stung you on the price either.

Pacenti builds these wheels by hand in the UK and it shows – not necessarily the UK bit, but definitely the handbuilt part. The wheels feel tight and stiff, but the spoke tension allows enough comfort through to take out any harshness.

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Parcours Grimpeur Disc wheels — £849.00

Parcours Grimpeur Disc wheelset.jpg

The Parcours Grimpeur Disc wheels are light enough to excel on the tarmac while being so tough that you can smash them over rocks and tree roots with little concern for their wellbeing. They won't break the bank either.

With a 40mm-deep U-shaped carbon rim they weigh in at just 1,406g with the tubeless rim tape fitted, which ties in well with Parcours' claimed weight of 1,390g bare.

Fitted to the Flanders Forte cyclo-cross frameset that we had in for testing, the wheels offered snappy acceleration, and their low weight helped the whole bike feel flickable at the front and rear for hopping over potholes, rocks and other obstacles.

Being fitted to a cyclo-cross bike they spent most of their time off-road and they took the knocks and bumps from the gravel tracks and tree roots of the local singletrack without issue.

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AlexRims CXD4 700C Disc TL Ready Centerlock Road Wheelset —  £341.99

Alex Rims Alex CXD4 Road Disc Wheelset.jpg

The CXD4 is a mid-level alloy disc wheelset that weighs a reasonable 1,580g for its price. The rim is a tubeless-ready 23mm-deep alloy extrusion, sleeve-jointed for extra strength. Its 19mm width means you really want to be running at least a 28mm tyre, with anything up to a 50mm okay if it'll fit in your frame. The hubs have an alloy body and axle and sealed cartridge bearings: two in the front and four in the rear.

On the road, the wheels feel stiff and solid and the bearings run smoothly. They can take a battering on rougher surfaces and still run true. They can handle a cyclocross race or a gravel event fine.

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BORG22 Disc Road/CX Tubular Tyre Disc Brake Wheelset — £412.99

BORG22T Wheels.jpg

The BORG22 wheelset features 22mm-deep aluminium tubular rims and triple butted Sapim Force spokes laced onto Miche Syntium DX hubs. It's not a flashy package, but it bats well above its price tag – it's tough, fast and will suit riders looking for a brilliant road or cyclo-cross wheelset.

Although not light, these wheels are responsive while the aluminium rim and higher spoke count mean these put up a strong and robust performance. The hubs are unfussy and last very well.

These disc brake wheels are built up to order in the UK so you can have the spoke tension tuned to suit your weight and riding requirements.

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Hunt Superdura Dynamo Disc Wheelset — £629.00

Hunt Superdura Dynamo Disc wheelset -1.jpg

If you're looking at a dynamo system for your road bike then the SONdelux hub dynamo is pretty much the best out there for low resistance and weight, and it's renowned for great build quality which is matched by the rest of the components on these excellent Hunt tubeless ready wheels. Considering how much the dynamo costs on its own, the price is excellent too. They might be a bit much for the odd night ride, but if you rack up the miles after dark they're an investment worth considering.

These disc brake wheels put in a near-faultless performance. They're a must for your list if you're looking into dynamo power.

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Just Riding Along Gecko Carbon Wheelset — £850.00


Just Riding Along's Gecko Carbon Wheels are impressive hoops that take on the constant knocks and vibrations the roughest gravel tracks can throw at them, while still being so light that they won't hamper your performance on the road. With a 1,400g weight (with the tubeless rim tape and valves fitted) and all the strength you could need, it's also pretty amazing that they come in at well under a grand.

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Token Prime Ventous Carbon Disc Road Wheelset — £899.00


This is an excellent full-carbon clincher wheelset. The build quality is high, they look great, perform really well and are pretty good value too.

Smooth and quiet, they gain speed quickly and continue at pace whatever the gradient. The buttery bearings and stiff construction make for controlled descending, but the Tokens are at their best on flatter, faster rides when the aero profile helps you bowl along at a good speed. Rough sections of tarmac are dealt with easily too, the wheels absorbing a reasonable amount of buzz and feeling composed,

Tubeless rim tape is already installed if you want to run them with the appropriate tyres.

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Roval CLX 50 Disc Wheelset — £2,200.00

Specialized Roval CLX 50 DISC Wheelset.jpg

Fast, light and wide, these tubeless carbon wheels offer excellent performance. They're superbly fast in a straight line and maintain excellent momentum when you're really pushing hard on the pedals. The rounded rim profile provides exceptionally good stability with little sign of buffeting even in the strongest gusts.

They're also tough and dependable, easily shrugging off bad road surfaces. We smashed into potholes and rode them along gravel tracks during testing and they took all the punishment with no sign of loose spokes or going out of true.

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