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2018 Christmas Gifts for Cyclists - Gadgets and Apps under £100

From headphones to coffee machines, lights to bells, we've got all sorts of ideal gift ideas for the gadget loving cyclist in your life

Give the gift of a cycling gadget or app this Christmas, from computers to smartphones, headphones to app gift cards, we've got a great selection of gift ideas for your cycling partner or friend.

Wahoo RPM cadence sensor £39.99

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wahoo cadence sensor 1

Light, compact and easy to fit, the Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor is an easy add-on for any cyclist wanting to be able to monitor their pedalling rate.

The RPM uses an accelerometer which means you don't need to attach a separate magnet to the chainstay, as needed by most other cadence sensors. That means it's very easy to install, you simply use the double-sided tape or rubber carrier and zip ties to affix it to the non-driveside crank arm, and you're all set.

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Cateye Volt 800 front light £89.99

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Cateye Volt 800 - mounted.jpg

Bright and compact, the Volt 800 pumps out 800 lumens with a good wide beam profile and choice of three useful flashing/strobe settings when being seen is more important than seeing where you're going. Build quality is very good, it’s easily charged via USB and has an easy-fit, semi-permanent bracket for the handlebar.

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SKS Airchecker £26.99

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SKS is well known for its mudguards. The Airchecker is a solid digital pressure gauge that comes with the same rugged build quality and carries a five-year warranty. It's a tidy little tool that's quicker and easier to use than a pump gauge if you just want to make a quick assessment of your tyre pressures, or your everyday pump doesn't have a gauge. It comes in a smart cardboard box and would make a good present.

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Cateye Orb Bar End Set £19.99

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Cateye Orb Bar End Set- - in place.jpg

Cateye's Orb Bar End lights are a neat addition to the lighting setup on your bike. Fitting is easy, they simply replace the bar end plus and the aluminium body is well made. They last for ages, up to 100 hours on the slow flash mode, and are a nice addition to a main light to increase visibility to other road users. They’ll fit just about any bike so would make a great present.

Exposure Blaze DayBright £89.95

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The Exposure Blaze Daybright is a top quality rear light with enough punch for daylight running and plenty of battery life for long night rides. It couldn't exactly be described as cheap, but it's a very good light and Exposure's reputation for quality and service is reassuring. It’s an 80-lumen rear light designed for punching through low winter sun and grabbing some attention in busy traffic. It's not an anti-social blinder though, the flash pattern is distinctive rather than brutal. Battery life is excellent, as is the build quality.

Rehook £12.99

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Few things are as annoying as the chain falling off and getting hands covered in oil and muck putting it back on. Rehook is aimed to makes putting a dropped chain buck on much cleaner and quicker - just three seconds it claims - so less time by the side of the road. It can be affixed to the bike so it’s always ready when you need it in an emergency.

Zippo Reusable Hand Warmer £18.81

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Here’s a great Christmas gift idea for the cyclist in your life who, like me, suffers from really poor circulation. The Zippo Reusable Hand Warmer is small and light and provides up to 12 hours of heat with one fill and is claimed to provide 10x more heat than other hand warmers.

Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Wristband £49.99

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Sleek and stylish, this Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Waistband is a neat way of tracking your sleep patterns and general daily exercise levels and can be worn in the shower and swimming pool. It also provides handy text message and phone call notifications.

Garmin Edge 25 GPS Cycling Computer £70

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Garmin Edge 25 13

This is one of Garmin's cheapest and smallest GPS enabled cycling computers and this discounted price makes it a good deal. It uses GPS + GLONASS satellites to track how far, how fast and where you ride, and Bluetooth makes it quick and easy to share with friends and upload to a training app to track your performance.

Nello Magnetic Bike Bell £19.99

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What better way to alert other road users, be they pedestrians or other cyclists, of your presence, than the cute Nello magnetic bicycle bell? It’s small enough to hardly take up any space on your handlebars yet is able to emit a 90 decibel sound, equivalent to a Boeing 737 taking off. Loud! It comes in three different colours and fits easily to any handlebar.

See.Sense Icon Rear Light £52

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Icon features motion and light sensitive technology so it runs brighter and flashes faster when it senses you need it most. The twin Cree LEDs are ferociously bright. It will also tell your loved ones if you have a crash, and alert you if someone tries to make off with your bike when it's parked up.

Quad Lock Universal Bike Kit £29.95

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Many cyclists use a smartphone when riding, but having it in the pocket isn't very convenient if trying to follow a route. The Quad Lock secures the smartphone safely to the handlebar stem and fits most fines. Pop your phone in the case, and click it into the turn mount. That’s it!

Huawei MediaPad T3 10" Tablet £98.99

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Huawei MediaPad T3

The modern tablet is a really good cycling accessory and can run a full suite of apps like Zwift, TrainerRoad or Sufferfest and is ideal for indoor training.  It has Bluetooth so it'll connect to a range of sensors and smart trainers and the large bright screen is easy to view.

AKG Y50BT Bluetooth Headphones £99.95

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If you, or your cycling partner, partake in a spot of indoor training through the winter, how about the gift of headphones so they, or you, can listen to podcasts or music whilst pedalling away? These are Bluetooth enabled so connect to your tablet or smartphone and have 20-hour battery life and a lightweight and comfortable design.

Nespresso Essenza Mini Intense Grey coffee machine £89.99

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When you need a quick fix of coffee without the mess and weighing beans before a ride, the Nespresso Essenza Mini Intense is ideal and comes in under our £100 limit. It’s slim and stylish and easy to use, takes just 25 seconds to warm up and can produce short and long coffees.

Silca Tyre Lever Premio Set £16

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Silca has a well-earned reputation for sublimely-functional tools and accessories engineered to perfection, and these tyre levers are no exception. What Silca has done is to use a forged alloy blade and wrap a 'reinforced nylon rim shield' around it. The alloy bit extends to the hook you insert under the bead, while the surface touching the rim is nylon-coated. Suffice to say, it does the job, and indeed the narrow tip does facilitate getting underneath extremely tight beads. 

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AfterShokz Trekz Titanium MINI Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones £99.95

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aftershokz trekz

If you want to listen to music while you’re cycling, the bone conducting AfterShokz let you listen to music or a podcast without blocking your ears from hearing other sounds.

Bone conduction, if you're not up to speed on all this, is a technology whereby the headphones use a vibrating plate that sits on your skull, in front of your ear. The vibrations transmit through to your ear bits (technical term), and you hear them as sound. But because there's nothing in your ear, you can still hear all ambient sound too, or hold a conversation with a work colleague. 

Apple TV £89 refurbished

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apple tv

If your cycling partner is really into Zwift, you could treat them to a pain cave setup by gifting them an Apple TV so they can run the training game through a connected TV.  Apple TV is small and easy to set-up, connects to a trainer via Bluetooth, and is one of the cheapest ways to get a Zwift setup. The Apple TV will set you back £149 new but we found a refurbished one for just £89.

Strava Summit membership £47.99

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strava summit

Does your cycling partner or friend use Strava on a regular basis? It's more than likely they do; it seems everyone does use the popular training and ride logging app these days. For a small annual fee, Summit (previously Premium) provides deep deeper analysis and safer workouts and you can buy a gift voucher for your cycling partner.

Zwift E-Card Gift £39 / 3 months

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zwift e-card

Zwift has become one of the most popular training platforms, providing a realistic virtual world to cycle around when it's too cold/dark/windy/snowy to cycle outside. With a choice of virtual worlds from London to New York, multiple group rides, workouts and much more, there's plenty to keep all cyclists motivated and pedalling through the winter. 

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