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2015 End of Season Sales Road Bike Bargains

As the road racing season comes to a close, the end of season bike sales begin - check out huge deals from huge retailers

This week the DealCatcher has been tasked with finding the best end-of-season 2015 road bike bargains. And, as always, he has delivered.

If you’re on the look-out for a new set of wheels, and you can stomach the omittance of a sparkling 2016 paint job and a few tiny new-model specification tweaks, you should be licking your lips right now.

The DealCatcher has made his first pass through the jungle that is the online bike retail market and has picked out some models that are undercutting their soon-to-arrive 2016 brothers by the biggest margins.

There are more retailers to see, and more discounts on their way, so keep your eyes on this article.

Before we let you loose on our list or bargain heavy retailers, there's a handy reference guide to all of the bikes that feature in this piece listed from cheapest to most expenisve at the bottom of the piece.

Happy shopping.



Pro Bike Kit

Over at ProBikeKit, the DealCatcher has pinpointed a range of three discounted 2015 model bikes that could easily fill three different roles in your cycling life.

We’re not suggesting you go out and buy all three, but at prices like these, we wouldn’t blame you if you were in a position to splash out.

First up is the Raleigh SP Elite Carbon Road Bike which has seen a 40% discount.

This, the cheapest all-carbon road bike in Raleigh’s range, would be the perfect vehicle to introduce yourself to world of carbon even at its £1150 retail price. However, at £690 it’s a no brainer if you’re considering making the switch.

Carrying a Shimano Sora groupset, Raleigh’s RSP wheels, and weighing in at a reasonable 9.2kg; the SP Elite is a winner.

Raleigh SP Elite Carbon Road Bike
40% off | WAS £1150.00 | NOW £690.00


Moving away from Carbon, and with an eye on the coming winter, you might be inclined to buy something a little more resilient.

ProBikeKit have just the thing for you - and you won’t have to worry about spending all winter riding something slow and boring either.

The Kinesis Racelight T2’s double butted 6061 series aluminium frame, pre-installed Future Forms SP-33S mudguards, and Shimano R501 clincher wheelset will see you through the worst the winter can throw at you at a 40% discount.

It’s no slouch either. Our very own VecchioJo reviewed it for ushe said the bike changed his mind about owning a separate winter bike.

Kinesis Racelight T2
40% off | WAS £999.99 | NOW £599.00


The third of our diverse trio from ProBikeKit is a time trial bike from Forme, that’s seen a 35% discount.

Whether you’re looking to start a triathlon career, or you’re feeling particularly agreived about missing out on your local time trial championships by a few seconds, the ATT Carbon - with its wind tunnel tested aerodynamics - will certainly help you in your second-shaving quest.

Forme Att Carbon Time Trial Bike
33% off | WAS £1999.99 | NOW £1299.99


Chain Reaction Cycles

Chain Reaction Cycles are also throwing their hat into the 2015 bike bargain mix with three discounted rides of their own.

Two carbon Raleighs and an aluminium Vitus feature here, and each one has received a hefty 30% discount.

First up is the entry level Vitus Razor. Up there with BTwin’s heralded Triban series, the Vitus Razor ticks so many boxes that cyclists looking for a first road bike, or a seasoned rider looking for a quick cheap fix, will be amazed.

A carbon fork and a sub-kg weight, make the Shimano Claris-running Razor a bargain at retail price, and a steal at £384.99.

So if you’re waiting to pull the trigger on your first road bike, stop. Just do it, and do it here.

Vitus Bikes Razor Road Bike
30% off | WAS £549.99 | NOW £384.99


Now onto the two Raleighs. Chain Reaction have cut 30% from the original asking price for both the Raleigh Revenio, and the Raleigh Militis.

The Revenio is currently floating about in the sub-£1000 market, flaunting its £1000+ features, like internal cable routing and SRAM Apex groupset.

It’s a top quality endurance bike that’ll keep you comfortable and quick over those cold winter months.

Raleigh Revenio Carbon 1 Road Bike
30% off | WAS £1249.99 | NOW £874.99


The Militis on the other hand is a racer. Superb handling a fantastically low weight of 7.8kg make this mid-£2000 bike absolutely unmissable at £1679.99.

SRAM Force 22 groupset and Cole Rollen Elite wheels complete the package.

Raleigh Militis Race Road Bike
30% off | WAS £2399.99 | NOW £1679.99



Disc brakes are the discount of the day/season over at Hargroves. Two discounted disc brake totting bicycles which should cover all of your winter riding needs.

If the name didn’t give the game away, the Ridley X-Bow’s primary focus is cyclocross racing, but don’t let that deter you - it will also make an all-weather, all-action, commuting machine that’ll see you through the coldest of winters.

A Shimano 105 groupset is fitted onto Ridley’s aluminium frame, the carbon steerer will keep your riding true, and the Avid BB7 disc brakes will stop you efficiently no matter how wet the British autumn gets.

Ridley X-Bow 10 Disc Road Bike
25% off | WAS £1199.99 | NOW £899.99


Shimano 105 and disc brakes are a shared feature between the Ridley X-Bow and the Bianchi Impulso, which you can see below.

Interestingly, the Impulso is available to riders - like myself - who fit into one of two height extremes. Included in the price slashing are a 44cm Impulso model, and a 63cm frame for those of us who struggle to find frames that fit our interestingly shaped bodies.
But the Impulso has much more than inclusivity on its side. The bike is an aluminium enthusiast’s dream.

Not only does the alloy frame look spectacular in all black, the comfort focussed geometry will have you pedalling happily all day long, the Carbon Kevlar fork will keep your the bike’s movements literally and figuratively in the palm of your hand.

Bianchi Impulso 105 Disc Road Bike
22% off | WAS £1350.00 | NOW £1050.00



Conjuring *ahem* up some deals of their own as the close season approaches, are Lancashire retailers Merlin.

Looking ahead, or directly at, the cyclocross season which is pretty much upon us, they’ve massively cut they’ve crossed *ahem* off significant portions of the asking price of two of their most popular cross bikes.

Those savings are: 27% off their own Merlin X2.0 bike and 22% off Felt’s 2015 F4X model.

Both bikes are disc brake-equipped; but, the Felt’s all-carbon chassis trumps the cheaper Merlin’s aluminium frame and carbon fork combo.

However, the 9.76kg Merlin, which was designed in the UK and built in Belgium, will not only get you up and over those cyclocross obstacles with ease, it’ll also double up spectacularly as a harsh weather commuter thanks to the mounts for a rear panniers and mudguards that are included as standard.

The Felt on the other hand has a much more race focused outlook. Its entire set-up is centred around getting you around that track as quickly and professionally as possible.

Internally routed cables, a frame stiff enough to get all of the responsiveness you need for a sprint to the line, but compliant enough to take rough cyclocross terrain in its stride, and SRAM Force Cx1, make the F4X the perfect platform to take you to cyclocross glory this winter.

Merlin X2.0 105 11 Speed Alloy Cyclocross Bike
27% off | WAS £1299.00 | NOW £949.00


Felt F4X Cyclocross Bike
22% off | WAS £2099.00 | NOW £1635.00


Merlin’s last bike in this year’s end of season buyer’s guide is another fantastic entry level road bike, or winter-specific trainer for the more experienced riders, this time from Sensa.

The Umbria - which will only set you back £529.99 - carries Shimano’s Tiagra groupset on its bike’s double butted 7005 aluminium frame.

It's smooth, comfortable ride and excellent shifting set this machine apart from most in the £500 ball park.

Sensa Umbria Tiagra Road Bike
20% off | WAS £660.00 | NOW £529.99


Rutland Cycling

Rutland have got some giant savings on offer this autumn, especially if you’re after a... Giant.

Three Giants from Rutland feature in this end of season buyer’s guide, two entry level models for men and women - the Defy 5 and the Avail 5 - which have had their prices cut by 40%, and a £1000 full price Defy 0 which has been reduced to £749.

First, let’s tackle the entry level women’s Avail 5 and Men’s Defy 5.

While the Avail is specifically designed to be a gateway vehicle for novice female riders to discover, or rediscover, a love for riding, the Defy does the same job but for the fellas.

Both the Avail 5, and its male equivalent the Defy 5, are built around Giant’s aluminium Aluxx frame design which is specifically designed to provide a comfortable riding style and maximise enjoyment by supporting the shoulders and back rather than encouraging a stretched posture.

Both bikes run Shimano’s entry level Claris groupset, and both come in under £300.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a cheaper way of getting into the saddle this autumn. What are you waiting for?

2015 Giant Avail 5 Womens Road Bike
40% off | WAS £499 | NOW £299.99


2015 Giant Defy 5 Road Bike
40% off | WAS £499 | NOW £299.99


Giant’s Defy range gets its name from the concept of defying the idea that in cycling you have to choose between speed and comfort. The third deal from the guys over at Rutland Cycling, the Giant Defy 0, certainly stays in line with that concept.

The Defy 0 should come in at a cyclescheme-friendly £999, however, thanks to Rutland’s generous discount, you can get your hands on this Shimano Ultegra totting speed machine for only £749.

Giant Defy 0 LTD Road Bike
25% off | WAS £999.00 | NOW £749.00


Leisure Lakes

Don’t be deceived by their name, performance is actually the name of the game over at Leisure Lakes - at least it is if their deals are anything to go by.

The Allez features the highest of high tech aluminium alloy frames. Specialized’s patented D’Aluisio Smartweld manufacturing technique makes every weld seamless, highly durable, more consistent and stiffer than anything else on the market.
A carbon fork aids handling, roval Rapide CL 40 wheels will give you a light smooth ride, and the 10-speed Shimano 105 groupset will keep you pedalling smoothly.

The Allez Comp is a smart, fast, lightweight race bike, that you really can’t go wrong on.

Specialized Allez Comp Race Racing Road Bike
20.5% off | WAS £2400.00 | NOW £1900.00


The Super Six Evo from Cannondale is an all-carbon racer.. This one over at Leisure Lakes is running SRAM’s Rival groupset, however, our man Dave Arthur gave the same model a go late last year, only that one ran Shimano’s 105 groupset.

He gave the bike a glowing review, calling it a stunning ride - even at its full £1699 price tag.


The final round in this batch of end of season bargain hunting comes from Wheelies. The Swansea-based retailer havethree smashing deals that cover our full spectrum of price points.

So, if you’re after your first serious road bike, a disc-equipped racer, or a stunning stainless steel masterpiece from Genesis, scroll down.

The most expensive bike on our list, and subsequently the biggest saving we’ve found on our deal hunt. A 34% discounted Genesis Volare offers incredible value on a frame material that has barely featured in this year’s discounts.

We’ve discussed at length recently, whether steel still has a place in an industry that’s moving towards carbon and cheap aluminium. When we think about bikes like the Genesis Volare, especially their top of the range stainless model, which you can buy by clicking on the link below, there are no questions in our minds.

Genesis made it their ambition to put steel back into the pro peloton a few years ago, and they succeeded with their Madison-Genesis team.

So, make no mistakes, this carbon-forked, Di2 toting, Fulcrum rimmed, race bike is no steel slouch. This thing is race ready, resilient, and - believe it or not - a bargain at £2249.99

Genesis Volare Stainless Road Bike
34% off | WAS £3399.99 | NOW £2249.99


If we move down the price point spectrum slightly, and settle significantly closer to that magical £1000 mark, we’ll find this heavily discounted Cannondale CAAD10 road bike from.

Wheelies have knocked 40% off of the original asking price, which leaves this race-ready, disc brake equipped, speed machine readily available for those of you with a £1000 budget.

Cannondale Caad10 SRAM Rival 22 Disc Road Bike
40% off | WAS £1799.99 | NOW £1079.00

And finally, those of you who are looking to take cycling a little more seriously, this Mekk Poggio might be for you.

Whether you’re planning on exploring the local race scene, or there are some mountains on your horizon, you’ll probably be looking to get your hands on something a little lighter, and a little more advanced for only a little more money.

This Mekk Poggio’s full carbon chassis, Shimano’s Sora groupset puts it a few rungs above entry level, and firmly secures its spot in the great all-round road bike category.

Mekk Poggio 1.6 Carbon Sora Road Bike
36% off | WAS £1100.00 | NOW £699.00

A last minute entry from Wheelies who confirmed that they are in fact the cheapest in the UK for the bike below.

Cannondale Super Six Evo SRAM Rival Racing Road Bike
25% off | WAS £1699.99 | NOW £1049.00



2015 Giant Avail 5 Womens Road Bike
NOW £299.99

2015 Giant Defy 5 Road Bike
NOW £299.99

Vitus Bikes Razor Road Bike
NOW £384.99

Sensa Umbria Tiagra Road Bike
NOW £529.99

Kinesis Racelight T2
NOW £599.00

Raleigh SP Elite Carbon Road Bike
NOW £690.00

Giant Defy 0 LTD Road Bike
NOW £749.00



Raleigh Revenio Carbon 1 Road Bike
NOW £874.99

Ridley X-Bow 10 Disc Road Bike
NOW £899.99

Merlin X2.0 105 11 Speed Alloy Cyclocross Bike
NOW £949.00


Bianchi Impulso 105 Disc Road Bike
NOW £1050.00

Forme Att Carbon Time Trial Bike
NOW £1299.99

Felt F4X Cyclocross Bike
NOW £1635.00

Raleigh Militis Race Road Bike
NOW £1679.99

Specialized Allez Comp Race Racing Road Bike
NOW £1900.00

Genesis Volare Stainless Road Bike
NOW £2249.99

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