I have two problems with MSG bikes who carried out the ergonomic fit for my new bike yesterday. The first is that upon measuring my hands I was told they were ‘medium’ sized. Medium? No man likes to have his hand size downplayed. We all know how the expression goes: big hands, big... actually I’m not sure that is a particularly well known expression at all.

The other problem I have with MSG bikes is that there is not a similar shop nearer to me as I could have spent hours in there and gladly ridden every bike they had in stock.

The reason I had ventured all the way to Lancing in West Sussex was that Qoroz, the makers of the new titanium bike I expect to take delivery of soon, wanted to make sure the bike fitted me perfectly. That meant having my riding position analysed, my height and width measured and the width of my ‘sit bones’ calculated in order to ensure that my bike is more than up to the job of keeping me comfortable for hours in the saddle. Not only was the session useful but also very informative and I learnt a lot about my riding position and the human anatomy.

With my bike almost sorted – I will be riding a modified Qoroz Mountain Won – I am ever closer to setting a date. I want to leave before the first week of November but I’m edging closer to being able to leave towards the end of October which means I will be able to reach Africa by December.

A local company called Pickle Design have designed my new logo, pictured, and a new website which is coming soon. Everything has really fallen into place. Even Mark Beaumont of round-the-world and mobile phone advert fame has wished me ‘power to the pedals’ all the way from Mexico where he is currently filming. And on the pedals of my new titanium steed will be my size 11 feet. Let’s not dwell on the tiny hands resting on the handlebars. 

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