I noted Bradley Wiggin's comments regarding not winning the Champions League while playing for Wigan last week.

While understanding the comment in general, Garmin were not that far away.  If Armstrong hadn't returned Wiggo would have been on the podium and Contador is way out ahead at the moment anyway.

So a move may help him onto the podium but to a brand new team with no previous? The Sky team could do well, Bosan Hagen is a top rider and there I can see Peter Kennaugh having a great future as well as the other riders.  Don't see Team Sky being any better than Garmin though.




Tony Farrelly [2949 posts] 8 years ago

Was watching that interview earlier and also thought that was an odd comment, if Garmin were a football team I'd say they were more like an Aston Villa, Everton or Tottenham than Wigan.

As to who Sky would be? Well at best Man City at worst Notts County. Looking through their roster so far you couldn't say that man for man it was better than Garmin surely + it seems to be a very professionally run team too.