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So what have I been up to then..?

A prolonged absence from my blog has seen plenty going on... even some cycling!

It seems like ages since I last clicked on "Blogs" and typed a pre-Tour post about Andy Schleck not looking likely to win... Prophetic eh?

So what have I been up to? And will it have been enough to justify Dave and Tony keeping my blog page open?

Well apart from busting my shoulder and getting a trapped nerve in my back (very painful) I have been busy riding club time trials and working on my 10 mile tt time.

Its successfully back in the 25 minute bracket now and that took a hell of a lot of effort and I was starting to feel right at home back in a skinsuit before getting crocked.

The other thing I have been working on is a book. My 5th is going to be my first about cycling and really removed from the previous which have all covered the brilliant subject of non-league football.

Oh, and I have also become a poster boy for a sportive that you all should consider entering...  1 My modelling career is starting as I approach 40 !!!


Busy busy...



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