When will it be back?

My cycling life isn’t worth living without my hunger for mileage being fulfilled on EverydayCycling.com.

I have been studiously logging data from every training ride, time trial and sportive I have ridden since 2006 and making year on year comparisons based on distance, speed and how I have felt.

Over the weekend before last I tried for ages without success to sign in once my ride had finished. Not that I am overly competitive or anything, but I was keen to see how my June 09 had started in comparison with June 08.
But there was only disappointment as the site was, and to date remains, down.

So I have a scruffy bit of A4 now with 2 weeks miles scribbled on it and details such as average heart rate and so on.

I know there are other sites I could use to log my miles on like cyclelogs or something similar but after so many years I would be loathed to start again and lose my history.

Sources tell me that EverydayCycling will make a comeback on the British Cycling website (which will confuse me as I am a member of both!!!) But surely they would have that up and running before killing the old site?

If I lose that piece of paper I will be doomed!!!!

James has been blogging for road.cc for 5 years and racing bicycles (averagely) for 20 years.