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Commuter diaries - Cobble Wobble racing...


Sunday I raced in the infamous Frome Cobble Wobble on my SS / Fixie. 200m of steep wet cobbles, with massive crowds packed in either side of the course. As it rained just before the start I began to think my choice of fixed / ss category was foolish, but it was awesome, great fun and my SS with it’s 7ooc x 28 Vittoria tyres was uber grippy.

Clipped in with standard / “off the peg” 17T (on free wheel I might add), the 1st few pedal rotations were a challenge from a standing start! With 50m of steep cobbles before a tight right hand bend followed by the steepest part of the course, you really have to go for it and push hard for momentum.

38 seconds of pain and fun for me.

Next year, maybe gears????

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