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Commuter diaries - mudguards or no mudguards


I have just taken the mudguards, bell and any excess gear off my ss road bike to create a cleaner look. Have I made a mistake as a daily cyclepath commuter? I work for myself and have cleaning facilities at work, so does it matter if I get wet? Mudguards or waterproof clothing?

It is summer after all (it rained for 6 hours solid yesterday).

No bell, will I regret that with the pedestrians on the cycle route. My bike is a little lighter without the Mr Crud, Road Racer guards, bell and extra light brackets, all I am carrying now is a pump, basic tools, tube and rescue Knog lights. I wonder whether I will miss the trappings of urban riding but on the other hand it is good to have a "clear out". I guess with cycling like most things in life we collect / attract a great deal of detritus.

Flo K

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