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Beating the winter boredom...

I have finally found a fool proof way to beat turbo training blues in the winter.

I proved it whilst pedalling along in my front room before seven o'clock this morning.

So what is this breakthrough I have made to make the dull hours fly by in the saddle?

This.For £100 and a summer of investment of time, I now have a dvd library burnt from footage taken from the handlebar cam.

Local routes, time trial courses and road race loops. All loaded from the camera onto the pc and edited into 30 or 45 minute films with little effort (or knowledge!!).

So this morning, whilst it was icy and snowy outside I was pedalling through a leafy Huntingdonshire lane in July, and you know what?

It is a fantastic way to trick the old mind and to enjoy one of winter cycling's least favourite passtimes.

When I get chance I will put some footage on YouTube... If some of you guys out there have films too, we could have a page and share?

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