By lucky hap


Small world, isn't it. Lots of clicking of cleats and rumbling of wheels outside the house this morning, and what should greet me as I went to check it out but a mass or riders bedecked in blue, taking on some well needed water (and smoking a crafty fag in one case).

Who should it be but the guys from Pedal for Props who'd decided to use the layby outside the house as a quick layover on the way from the start of their ride in Bristol. They're on their way to Bordeaux to raise money for PROPS, a charity that provides opportunities and support for young people, aged 16-19, with physical and learning disabilities.

That they decided to stop outside my front door was coincidence enough, but who should I bump into first but a nice chap who i rode with for 15 miles or so on the Forest of Dean Spring Classic a few weeks back. JonMack I missed, but I know for a fact he's decided to chance it on the Zipps and the tubs. Maybe he's got a spare set of wheels in the support wagon...

Good luck to all the guys and gals on the ride, Looked like a good range of abilities and they were still smiling, despite having just come up Pennyquick hill which is enough to wipe the grin off most faces!

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