This time one of the new bike boutiques where the emphasis is on fitting first and foremost

Having focussed so far on three frame builders where the bike-building service is based on a traditional hand-made frame, the fourth in the Bespoked: Meet the Maker short film series features BikeScience in Bristol, one of the new breed of 'boutique' services where the emphasis is on the correct fitting of bikes, whether they're new and custom-built or originally from a production manufacturer's box.

Andy Sexton who started BikeScience spent a fair few years with one of our favourite 'good value' bike makers Planet X before setting up on his own, so seems to have a grip not only on the biomechanical science of fitting a bike but also the financial reality of getting the best from what you have already. 

Details: bike-science.com




JonMack [169 posts] 6 years ago

I had my fit done by Andy at Bike Science last August and I couldn't be happier with the position I ended up with. A few months later I went and picked up a Cobb saddle from them because I wasn't 100% happy with mine and it completely transformed my bike. People spend far too much time emulating the pros by raising their saddle and slamming their bars, while that might look "cool", I'd much rather have a functional fit over a fashionable one.