UK brand makes its support for drug free cycling visible on its bikes

Moda racing and mountain bikes on sale in the UK will now come fitted with the Bike Pure headset spacer as standard equipment. We're pretty sure this makes Moda the first manufacturer to back Bike Pure's world wide campaign for drug free cycling with a visible show of their support on their machines.

Moda is a UK designed bike brand distributed by Eurobike (no, not the show) and the company was already a Bike Pure supporter inclusion of the headset spacer on their bikes simply takes things a stage further. Commenting on the reasons behind their move Paul Stewart, Managing Director of Eurobike said:

"Moda Bikes are proud to support Bike Pure in the quest for clean cyclesport. As sponsors of the WXC World Racing Team, we understand the desire to win - but to win clean. These are values that Moda shares with Bike Pure. We associated Moda Bikes with Bike Pure from the beginning and to show our support all of our bikes are fitted with the blue Bike Pure headset spacer".

While Andy Layhe, Co-founder of Bike Pure, was also naturally a very happy man:
"We are delighted that Eurobike continue to show their support for honest sport via our organisation. We are fully aware that elements of the cycling industry have suffered by virtue of negative stories relating to doping. Bike Pure wish to focus on the positive aspects of cyclesport and with companies such as Eurobike endorsing us, it communicates a powerful message to their own consumers a wish for ethical, honest sport."

We we very impressed with Moda's 2011 range when we saw it at the recent London Bike Show, but if you can't quite stretch to a new bike in carbon, aluminium or titanium to show your support for Bike Pure, don't worry the Bike Pure headset spacers are available to buy from the Bike Pure online shop or from Bike Pure stockists in bundles of 10, 30, or 50 for £10, £25, or £40 respectively, which should more than satisfy all your spacing needs. Each spacer is 7mm deep and 35mm in diameter, they're solid aluminium and all feature the Bike Pure logo in white on an eye-catching Lasar Blue background. Nice. Oh, and all proceed go directly to the fight to make cycling a cleaner sport.

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