…and he's not putting them away again either...

Some might call it vanity (huh!) but Vecchiojo knows there's more to being fast than simply going quicker… you need to look quick too, particularly in the leg department. Everyone knows that fast legs are honey brown coloured legs and very definitely not white.

So with the season fast approaching it's time to get the self tanning lotion out, but which one? Jo is here to help guiding you through his meticulous leg prep regime and testing out the latest self tanning lotions – one on each leg (hope they don't clash afterwards – ed).

Follow his legs in the coming weeks as they go from marble white towards a honey-gold destination and possibly onwwards towards tawny or mahogony perhaps, but at no time going anywhere near orange.

More on Jo's scary leg experiment.

Plucked from the obscurity of his London commute back in the mid-Nineties to live in Bath and edit bike mags our man made the jump to the interweb back in 2006 as launch editor of a large cycling website somewhat confusingly named after a piece of navigational equipment. He came up with the idea for road.cc mainly to avoid being told what to do… Oh dear, issues there then. Tony tries to ride his bike every day and if he doesn't he gets grumpy, he likes carbon, but owns steel, and wants titanium. When not on his bike or eating cake Tony spends his time looking for new ways to annoy the road.cc team. He's remarkably good at it.


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