Tour of Britain kit draws attention to deforestation

Team Sky will be doing its bit to help save 1 billion Amazonian rainforest trees during the Tour of Britain, which starts on Saturday.

Six Team Sky riders - Steve Cummings, Russell Downing, Mathew Hayman, Greg Henderson, Geraint Thomas and Bradley Wiggins - will be using specially commissioned, Rainforest Rescue-branded jerseys, glasses, helmets, water bottles, saddles and bikes while Team Sky staff will also be wearing 100% recycled sunglasses.

The Sky Rainforest Rescue project is a three-year partnership between Sky and WWF, designed to help save a billion trees in the state of Acre, northwest Brazil.

Deforestation is now said to be responsible for roughly 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions and an area the size of three football pitches is destroyed every minute in the Amazon according to the Rainforest Rescue project.

Bradley Wiggins stressed how crucial it is to act now, saying: "Wearing this unique Sky Rainforest Rescue kit during the Tour of Britain is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness for a really important issue and help reach the target of raising £4million to save one billion trees in the Amazon."

For more information visit: www.sky.com/rainforestrescue while road.cc blogger JimmytheCuckoo has his say here.

The 2010 Tour of Britain takes place over eight days, beginning in Rochdale on Saturday and finishing at the heart of London on September 18.


simonmb [575 posts] 7 years ago

As much as my initial reaction was to view this as a cynical marketing stunt by Team Sky in order to help mask a mediocre first season, having looked at their (Sky corporate's rainforest) website it does appear to be a genuine attempt by a big company to 'make a difference' through raising money and (perhaps more importantly) stimulating education. Team Sky are fulfilling their duty in promoting their paymaster's initiative. Good for them.

wild man [297 posts] 7 years ago

About as convincing as the C. Montgomery Burns recycling plant.

andylul [410 posts] 7 years ago

You'll be able to get replica 'green' kit from China before the month's out, I'd bet my kidneys on it...

I'm told no self-respecting club cyclist would be be seen dead in the Team Sky clothing, but they're missing an opportunity to raise money & awareness by not selling it.

Even paupers like me can afford the drink bottles (the Gatorade ones are the exact colour to match nothing on the road today and therefore look equally great/naff on anything) but the promise of 'profits going to save tree-frogs' have even the most frugal logging on to PayPal and doing a hill-climb to the moral high ground.