Just in: Genesis Equilibrium

Genesis teel bike built for British conditions looks like a winner on paper

by Tony Farrelly   February 16, 2010  

We've been looking forward to getting the new Genesis Equilibrium in ever since we saw it at the Genesis 2010 range launch last year – in fact it barely hung around long enough for us to photograph it before shooting back out of the door on test.

On paper at least this should tick all the right boxes for a lot of riders. It's a bike make for big days in the saddle made from Reynolds 520 steel so the ride should have plenty of zing and Genesis designer James Olsen set himself the design brief of making a bike that would handles well in British conditions - meaning it should be stable and well mannered enough to take fast descents over crappy British roads… in the wet in it's stride AND still be fun to ride. As the name suggests it's all about balance.

James put it through a winter of hard testing in the Cotswolds last year to make sure it delivered the sort of handling he felt was required. Add in the fact that it's undeniably a looker and it is keenly priced too at £999.99, and you can see why we were so keen to get it out on test asap.

Here's the spec highlights which are the same as the launch bike… so much the same bit of text then. It's Shimano 105 for the drivetrain: rear mech and levers, with non groupset Shimano chainset, the fork is carbon with alloy steerer painted to match the rest of the frame – it's got mudguard eyes too. Other nice touches include the white stem which echoes the Equilibrium logo on the top tube (you get three black carbon spacers too), the 'bars which have a fashionably shallow drop with a decently long bottom section to give plenty of alternative hand holds. Oh, and we liked the care instructions on the down tube too.

For more Equilibrium pics check out our Genesis 2010 launch gallery. And as a special bonus feature here's James O from Genesis talking us through the range highlights - including the Equilibrium, the full test of which will be coming soon. 

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Ummm , Reynolds 520 is it not? Not that 520 vs. 725 will add to it's weight or detract from it's ride quality.

Been hoping to see this reviewed for a long time. Looking forward to the verdict.

andyspaceman's picture

posted by andyspaceman [246 posts]
16th February 2010 - 19:05


you're right, I actually changed it from 520 just before posting too

Tony Farrelly's picture

posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
16th February 2010 - 19:34


A lovely frame. I've done a few hundred miles on mine (frame-only, built up with a cromoly fork, Ultegra 6600, Ritchey bars/stem/post, Mavic wheels) and the stuff about the geometry isn't hype: it descends as if on rails. Being steel it cushions the blow of shallow potholes that would take the wind out of someone on a stiffer machine. You can get aluminium winter frames for much less than the 230 quid this costs, but the comfort is well worth it in my opinion. A few minor quibbles: there were a couple of tiny spots that were missing paint and needed touching up (although the rest of the paintwork and welds are done to a high standard), the dropouts are pretty but preclude the use of many cargo trailers, and a deliberate dent in the right seatstay (to make space for the chain) seems unnecessary and is the only ugly point on an otherwise beautiful frame. Overall, just what I was looking for: a fast winter bike I'll be happy to get out of the shed on wet summer days.

posted by handlebarcam [545 posts]
17th February 2010 - 12:55


I would absolutely love one of these as my winter trainer/commuter but unfortunately my Kinesis Tk is only a year old. Mind you, the frame/fork for £230 sounds excellent value.

posted by powenb [24 posts]
19th February 2010 - 13:20


hi - any news on when the review will be posted - I am itching to read as I am seriously thinking of buying one

posted by sheppo1966 [1 posts]
3rd March 2010 - 13:56


It's coming soon sheppo, but our hint would be not to hold back Smile

Tony Farrelly's picture

posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
3rd March 2010 - 14:04


These are in short supply now - I was looking to get a large one and they're sold out.
And apparently for next year it is the 725 tubing, but with Tiagra group (so the LBS told me anyway). Not sure if I prefer that combo or the current one..
Hopefully there will be an up-specced version as well.

posted by jengy [70 posts]
25th April 2010 - 21:36


I can recommend the frame & fork option if you want to spec it up your own way... might still have frames in large too

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posted by Dave Atkinson [7856 posts]
25th April 2010 - 22:12


Good post - I've found this bike to be pretty much spot on too. Just wondering which paint you used to touch up?? I managed already to get scratches down to metal on mine Crying Cheers

posted by mrsloman [4 posts]
2nd July 2010 - 15:45