The Stelvio - second time around

Martin Cox goes in to repeat mode on his Transcontinental adventure

by themartincox   August 20, 2014  

They say you should never go back, that it's water under the bridge and things will never live up to expectations.  Well stuff that,  stuff that in a tiny little sack of crap and chuck it in the trash!

The transcontinental race is undoubtedly the toughest race on a bike (sorry raam), but it's not just about racing for the sake of it. There's an essay waiting to be written when I get back,  a tale of heat and cold,  of athletic prowess and a tale of sober warning.

But first,  I will leave you with this.  The stelvio wasn't fun,  so I went to Verona and came back and did it again,  there's no way I wanted to get disqualified for riding the wrong side!

Expectations have been met,  I've openly wept with the majesty of the mountain and the lessons that I've learned these last days.

Come,  ride the transcontinental next year,  it'll mess you up and rock your world!

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No way! Gutsy move - respect!

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posted by alotronic [417 posts]
20th August 2014 - 19:29


Job done. This you will remember more than any gold medal. Oh yeah.

Remember, in those moments of despair when you'd rather be anywhere and anyone else, remember the many you're inspiring to trade places with you. Give it some boyyo.

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posted by sm [374 posts]
20th August 2014 - 19:43



posted by wrevilo [98 posts]
20th August 2014 - 22:05


Absolutely, totally worth it!

posted by themartincox [493 posts]
26th August 2014 - 11:31

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Looking forward to hearing more about your adventure. Cool

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posted by Rupert [171 posts]
16th September 2014 - 23:03