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Velocio partners with London bikepacking brand Apidura for UK clothing repairs

Regional repair hubs chosen to reduce the environmental impact of shipping

Cycle clothing brand Velocio has expanded its repair service outside of the US and into the UK with London-based bikepacking specialist Apidura now carrying out repairs to Velocio’s products while reducing the environmental impact of shipping back and forth.

2021 Velocio Apidura UK repairs hub 3

Instead of operating its own repair hubs around the world, Velocio has partnered with like-minded brands with the expertise to carry out repairs on its behalf. Apidura will be the UK repair hub, while What Happened in Slovenia will serve as the EU repairs hub and Vélocolour is Canada's.

2021 Velocio Apidura UK repairs hub 8

Velocio says that through partnerships and mutually beneficial sustainability programmes the regional repair hubs help it offer quick, high-quality repairs worldwide while reducing the environmental impact of shipping.

2021 Velocio Apidura UK repairs hub Neza Peterca 1

Neza Peterca

“Keeping a product in use longer is the biggest factor in reducing its environmental impact but the hidden costs of shipping can quickly add up,” Velocio notes.

“In the age of next-day delivery and free returns, customers expect convenience
and brands are reduced to competing for speed above all else. Consumers cannot be expected to wait for their kit to be sent around the world by sea, so air freight has become the norm and international repairs can accrue a significant carbon footprint.

“Having regional repair hubs reduces shipping distances significantly, meaning repairs can be moved by rail and other more sustainable methods,” explains Velocio.

2021 Velocio Apidura UK repairs hub 1

I’ve already had a chance to test Velocio’s new UK repair service when I was testing the Velocio Ultralight bibs as some stitching came loose at the join of one of the bib straps that play a key role in the shorts pull down FlyFree easy pee system. The repair at the UK’s Apidura hub was quick and of high quality—there have been no issues at all since, so much so that I really recommend the shorts and the service that comes with the purchase.

2021 Velocio Apidura UK repairs hub  7

Velocio and Apidura both call on other brands in the cycling and outdoors industry to identify allies and partners to work with to deliver programmes that drive impact beyond what each company involved could achieve alone.

Apidura itself also recently launched its Revive store that’s designed to get its used bikepacking packs back into circulation, extend the useful lifecycle of its products, and therefore reduce unnecessary waste. Consumers can now buy repaired, refurbished and sample packs at the new Revive store that can be found over here.

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matthewn5 | 2 years ago

I'd like to reinforce the other messages, local seamstresses and repair shops can do these repairs. I've got a 10 year old Craft rain jacket - still waterproof - that I had a new zip put in by our local tailor, four years ago. She even matched the fluo yellow!

TheBillder | 2 years ago

Worth remembering that local general repair / alteration shops are often willing to take on this kind of work as well. I've had a few zips replaced and rips patched and been happy with the results.

One of my friends had lycra side panels added into a gilet for post-Christmas timber capacity, and that also worked really well.

jaymack replied to TheBillder | 2 years ago
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I've had cycling shoes repaired by our local Cobbler, let's hope that repairing stuff or altering it catches on. It's worth remembering I suppose that repairing items used to be the norm, the ever accelerating consumer boom has much to answer for.

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