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Updated: Specialized confirms direct-to-consumer bike delivery is free

...although you'll need to pay if you'd like a technician to deliver your bike and ensure it's set up properly

Specialized yesterday introduced direct-to-consumer online bike sales in the UK and has announced that its Ship to Home option – where your bike comes in a box – is free. The Specialized Delivery option – where a technician brings your bike to your home and ensures that it fits and is set up properly – is available only for bikes over £2,500 and costs £75.

You could already buy Specialized parts and accessories (including clothing) on and have them shipped to your home address, but although you could select and pay for a bike through the website, you had to collect it from a dealer.

2022 Specialized Diverge Expert Carbon - 2.jpeg

That is all changing on 1st February 2022 with the addition of “Rider Direct” options for the purchase of non-electric bikes from Specialized's website.

This means that consumers will have several different options open to them when they buy a Specialized bike. They can still go into a shop and buy in the traditional way, and they can buy from the Specialized website and have the bike delivered to a Specialized dealer close to them, as previously.

On top of that, you can now buy directly from the Specialized website and have the boxed bike delivered to your home in a mostly assembled state. Existing direct-to-consumer brands like Canyon already do this, of course.

"With our Ship to Home option, we’ll help you choose the right bike and ship it right where you want it—pre-built, with minimal assembly required," says Specialized. "Need help? A Rider Care Specialist is a phone call away. We can also connect you to your local retailer who knows, like, a lot about bikes."

2022 Specialized S-Works Crux.jpg

Specialized is also introducing a “white glove” Specialized Delivery service.

"We’ll bring your new bike directly to your home, or wherever your preferred delivery address may be," says Specialized. "There, a professional technician will ensure it fits, and is set up properly. Then, we’ll get your bike registered, go over basic maintenance, and have you take it for a spin."

We can’t think of another bike brand that offers a similar service. There will presumably be an additional cost involved but we don't yet have details.

"These new delivery options are part of our larger initiative to bring the greatest human-powered machine to as many humans as possible," says Specialized. "We believe that a bicycle is more than transportation. It’s a tool to transform the world."

There is also ever more consumer demand – not just in cycling but generally – for the ability to buy online.

"As always, your trusted Specialized retailer will be there to guide you if you prefer to shop in-store and ensure that you have a great experience for a lifetime of riding," says Specialized. 

Specialized's Service Charter allows you to access warranty services at any Specialized retailer, regardless of where you bought your bike. This extends to the new purchase and delivery options; if you have an issue with a delivered bike, you can take it to any Specialized retailer for help. Any warranty service will come at no cost to the rider, and the retailer will be credited for any labour they need to do.

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