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Roval adds ultra lightweight seatpost and integrated handlebar to Alpinist range

A 42cm/110mm bar has a claimed weight of just 247g while the 20mm offset seatpost is 136g (27.2mm x 300mm)

Roval has just announced its first components away from wheelsets with the launch of an integrated bar/stem alongside a seatpost. Both pieces are made from carbon fiber and focus on low weight with the bar/stem claimed to weigh just 247g while the seatpost tips the scales at 136g. These aren’t cheap upgrades though. The bar/stem will set you back £450 while the seatpost costs £195.

Roval has been rather busy in 2020, launching two new wheelsets that shunned the tubeless technology that they had been pushing for years in favour of clincher rims that focussed on low weight. Adding to the low weight approach are the new Alpinist handlebar and seatpost.

Roval Alpinist Integrated Handlebar 7

The Alpinist handlebar is a full carbon design with round tube shapes throughout that taper into a very wide stem. The bar is aimed at the climbers with Roval claiming a weight that is “more than 100g lighter than the competition.”

Roval Alpinist Integrated Handlebar 1

There are no aero claims attached to the Alpinist bar and the cables are routed externally so it doesn’t follow the current trend for road race bikes where the cables are all hidden away from the wind. Roval does include a hole where you can attach an out-front mount, keeping things tidy.

  • 400mm x 80/90/100mm
  • 420mm x 90/100/110/120mm
  • 440mm x 110/120/130mm
Roval Alpinist Integrated Handlebar 6

Size availability is currently a little limited with only three widths on offer, so riders looking to get long and narrow might find that their preferred size isn’t available but those riders don’t seem to be the target audience for Roval.

Roval says that "contact points are essential to performance, comfort and speed extend beyond the wheels and frame itself. The Alpinist Cockpit incorporates lessons from the advanced carbon work Roval did with the Alpinist wheelset, delivering great ride feel and feathery weight."

"The Alpinist seatpost is another compliment to the best in class CLX series wheels, matching a super-low weight to an excellent blend of stiffness and damping properties to deliver power and absorb undue vibration at the same time."

Cockpit Details
  • Full Carbon, Ti stem bolts with replaceable nut plate
  • Integrated computer mounting point
  • Di2/EPS Compatible
  • Traditional Bend with 125mm drop, 75mm reach
  • 6 degree Stem Angle
  • System Weight Limit: 275lbs / 125kg
Roval Alpinist Seatpost

The Alpinist seatpost is a standard round tube post with a double Allen bolt fastening system. It only comes in the most common 27.2mm diameter but there are two lengths available, 300mm and 360mm. The focus again is on keeping the weight down with the 300mm version weighing a claimed 136g. Like the diameter, the offset is limited to a 20mm option.

Seatpost Details
  • Carbon Fiber Construction
  • 2-bolt micro-adjust clamp with 46mm saddle rail cradle enables an effective offset from 0mm to 20mm.
  • 12mm nominal setback
  • 27.2 X 300mm  = 136g
  • 27.2 X 360mm  = 141g
  • System Weight Limit: 275lbs / 125kg

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