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Rapha joins Outdoor Voices to create a new all-women’s collection

The collection focuses on recreational riding with a “pioneering new patterning for a contoured fit”

Rapha has joined forces with US brand Outdoor Voices to launch a new range of women’s specific cycling clothing that is designed for recreational and adventure riders.

Rapha says that the collaboration began when the two brands met on a cycling adventure in Mallorca. It was on the Balearic island that they found inspiration for the style, apparently attempting to recreate the terrazzo floors and walls in the new collection. If you’re a little rusty on your interior design, terrazzo is angular pieces of marble, quartz, granite, glass and other materials set in a hard binding material. It looks a bit like a paint splatter and is often quite colourful.

Rapha x Outdoor Voices 3

The new range is rather extensive, covering several tops, bottoms and accessories that include brand new designs and features borrowed from existing Rapha and Outdoor Voices pieces.

Jersey - £120

Rapha x Outdoor Voices 5

The collection is quite a big one and it starts with a jersey that takes many of the design features from Rapha’s existing women’s jerseys. The fit is close and Rapha says that “lightweight and breathable” fabrics have been used with internal taping for stability when your pockets are fully loaded.

Rapha x Outdoor Voices 8

A coin pouch has been added to the standard three rear pockets while there is also a zippered loop pocket for storing a wind jacket, an integrated see-through phone pocket and a matching essentials case.

Wind Jacket - £130

Rapha x Outdoor Voices 10

Rapha says that the new wind jacket is the centrepiece of the collection. It features an overlapping design on the back with Rapha claims gives “excellent breathability and a sleek silhouette.”

The jacket also features the terrazzo print and a large rear pocket.

High-Waisted Shorts - £80

Rapha x Outdoor Voices 11

The High-Waisted shorts get Rapha’s women’s specific Classic chamois pad along with a double-layer waistband that Rapha says provides “the same comfort and stability as a bib short.”

Cargo Bib Shorts - £180

Rapha x Outdoor Voices 13

The Outdoor Voices version of Rapha’s Cargo bib shorts are near identical to the standard Cargo shorts, with pockets on both legs and the back, the Classic chamois pad, Rapha’s Brevet fit and the filled-in upper design, though the Outdoor Voices version doesn’t feature the central zipper.

A slight design change sees Rapha use a cross-back, sticking to the terrazzo aesthetic.

Bar Bag - £50

Rapha x Outdoor Voices 1

One of the brand new pieces is this bar bag that helps you store essentials on long rides. The bag is designed, Rapha says, to be slung over your shoulder should you have a spontaneous roadside stop.

Light Support Bra - £40

Rapha x Outdoor Voices 9

Rapha says that they have taken Outdoor Voices’ Tech Sweat Bra and tweaked the back design to match that of the Rapha + Outdoor Voices Bib Shorts. Made with a sweat-wicking and breathable fabric, Rapha says that the bra has been cut to provide support when you’re on the bike.

Cropped T-Shirt - £40

Rapha x Outdoor Voices 12

These days, it just wouldn’t be an adventure riding range without a t-shirt though when you consider that the bib shorts and bar bag can store your riding essentials, it means you can wear what you like up top.

Made from 100% cotton, the t-shirt features a cropped fit and a plain design, offering “everyday comfort and style on your next outdoor endeavour.”

The range is finished with socks (£15) and the classic cycling cap (£25).

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