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Fizik introduces 3D-printed saddle service, with prices starting at £459

The brand's Adaptive line of 3D-printed saddles are set to become completely custom-made, but the advanced technology doesn't come cheap

3D-printed bike saddles are becoming increasingly popular, with custom-made options like Czech tech company Posedla's Joyseat entering the market. Now, Fizik has launched a personalised 3D-printing saddle service called One-to-One, aiming to offer the "ultimate fit". This service comes at a cost though, with prices starting at £459 per seat. 

2024 Fizik one to one adaptive saddle 2

Fizik's Adaptive line of saddles, including models like the Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive, feature 3D-printed padding, but were not previously custom-made to individual backsides. Now, the brand's One-to-One service sees the Adaptive line of 3D-printed saddles completely custom-made, allowing "cyclists to have their own, truly unique 3D-printed saddle". 

The service provides the ultimate fit, according to the brand, and has been designed with Fizik's Concept research program which brings together industry experts "to create superior products". 

2024 Fizik one to one adaptive saddle 3D printing

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First, riders undergo a personalised measurement session at select Fizik dealerships to be paired with the most suitable saddle in the Adaptive range. Next, a pressure mapping session focuses on pressure hotspots, instabilities and asymmetries, says the brand. 

This data is then analysed to design a custom 3D-printed padding structure, with the rider choosing between carbon and Kium rails. Once the saddle is complete, there is a final session at the dealership after the rider receives the saddle.

2024 Fizik one to one adaptive saddle

Fizik brand manager Giovanni Fogal says: “We know that a good, accurate fit depends on many factors: bike geometry, intended use, saddle shape, and position. But most importantly every cyclist is unique: experience, sensitivity, history of injuries, body shape, riding goals. All of this can affect the way we sit on the saddle. 

"It’s clear that a traditional one-to-many saddle design can only provide an approximate solution to very specific problems. With One-to-One today we achieve what every saddle manufacturer has always dreamed of: bringing to life customised support available to every cyclist." 

As with many high-tech products in the bike industry that are yet to become commonplace, all that innovation doesn't come cheap, and prices of One-to-One Adaptive saddles start at £459. Hopefully prices will come down in the future so more cyclists can benefit, but if you've got the cash to splash or are just intrigued, you can head over to Fizik's website for more info.

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S.E. | 1 month ago

I remember when they started making moulds of your feet for ski shoes, that was long ago. In more ancient times many shoes were "custom made"... by your local shoemaker! This makes me remember the last shoemaker shops, I was a little kid then...

I have found a brand with models that fit me, got 2 of them 2nd hand for my bikes, paid maybe 100 € for both of them, like new. I guess I would try a custom saddle for a "dream bike", if I was wealthy?

Miller | 1 month ago

If it's a custom made saddle it's never going to be cheap. There are however very cheap 3d-printed saddles to be found on AliExpress, if you want that look. I've no idea how good they are.

webbierwrex | 1 month ago
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Look pretty expensive, guess I'll just keep an eye out on ebay for a second-hand one. 

Jetmans Dad replied to webbierwrex | 1 month ago
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webbierwrex wrote:

Look pretty expensive, guess I'll just keep an eye out on ebay for a second-hand one. 

Not sure how much of a market there is going to be for 3D printed saddles custom-fitted to someone else's butt cheeks.

Jimster | 1 month ago
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It better be a pretty charming saddle. I've had whole bikes for less.

check12 | 1 month ago

When arione adaptive? 

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