After the aero road version was unveiled last week, now BMC have updated their TT Timemachine too, optimised for disc brakes and wind tunnel-tested to the max

Shortly after unveiling their new disc-only Timemachine aero road frame, BMC have launched a disc brake version of the Timemachine triathlon/TT bike, with the focus on versatility for rider comfort over long distances and aero disc brake integration. 

All-new BMC Timemachine Road aero bike launched

There are numerous features on the 01 Disc that make it highly adaptable, including the dual-mount seatpost which can create a wide range of seat tube angles, depending on whether you're using it for long diatance triathlon or all-out time trialling. At the front, BMC's SubA Aero Hinge-fork is well integrated for maximum aero gains, and they've also placed a cover of the brake calipers to smooth out the airflow. A rear storage box can also be added in the bike's tri configuration for carrying tools/spares/your lunch. 


BMC are confident their wind tunnel testing makes the Timemachine 01 disc one of the most aero bikes out there (although we haven't seen any comparative data) and the integration of disc brakes delivers better handling and control on technically demanding triathlon and time trial courses; they've also tested the bike for crosswind stability in the aero position. The disc brakes are thru-axle front and rear. 




The v-shaped cockpit on the rim brake Timemachine 01 launched in 2016 can be flattened to make it UCI legal; and it appears the same is true of the latest disc version, as it was approved by the UCI in April of this year. 

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